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So I've been trying to get any and every friend to play this game.  Unfortunately no luck for me.  Everyone time people are turned off by the wipes.  I happen to like the wipes.  However I do wish that the game had some over-archer continuity or achievable long term goal.  Aside from the EK which feels too removed and useless in relation to the actual game is there a long term goal?

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4 hours ago, Wayoun said:

is there a long term goal?

Nothing measurable or that isn't a personal goal.

This is one area that I believe they should focus on sooner then later.

Players need carrots. Playing to play only goes so far with the majority IMO.



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The point is/was for the Eternal Kingdoms to serve as the long term goal: You use the spoils from the short term campaigns to build up your personal, and permanent, area. When/if that'll actually manifest as a functional system remains to be seen. It's the feature I'm personally holding out for before I start playing again. I need them to prove that they can tie short term and long term together in a cohesive fashion, where one doesn't dwarf the other, before I'm willing to invest further time.

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