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Nick Names For The Team


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Because when you work for a gaming company your titles better be fun.


I'm partial to staying within the play2crush nomenclature


J Todd "Je suis" Coleman


Creative Crushinator


Gordon "Six Flags" Walton


Executive Crusher


Tully "baby face" Acklund


Community Crush Master


Larissa "vegan" Angus


Concept Crushist


Thomas "Which Project?" Blair


Lead Crusher


Mark "Al" Bourland


Senior Crusheloper


Bill "Hellooooooooo" Dalton


VP of Crushuction


Billy "Garrison" Garretsen


UX/UI Crushart Crusherer


David "Umberto" Greco


Crushart Crusherer


Eric "Chakras" Hart


Crusharacter Crushist


Raph "Lucas" Koster


Crushing Crushultant


Nicholas "Thor" McBride




Mike "Mr Mike" Mcshaffry


Chrunicipal Crushineer (eat your heart out disney!)


Jon "Drinks too much" O'Neal


Crushonment Crushist Crusher


Howard "Johnson-Williams-Brown" Smith


Crushient Crushogrammer Crusher


Thomas "Saddle" Sitch


Crushicnipal Crusherver chrushammer


Allison "Varsity Volleyball" Theus


Crushenior Crushoncept Crushartist.

Edited by phatcat09


~Sweet Sensations~

puppy punch Count: 28

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