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Building EK from backer bundles.

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I bought a backer bundle back years ago. I believe it cost me about $250. Now I finally decide to play the game in alpha and I decide to finally go build my EK! I unbundle everything and have like 6 buildings, tons of walls etc and about 5 parcels. I place all the parcels and I can only put down 1 cottage... This is absolutely insane. I spent all this money and can't build poorly made dergs. What the custard is going on here? Am I missing something?

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I've laid every Parcel that comes with package and have tried to build on all of them. So the point being if none of them work that seems like pretty bad design to let people buy these packages but they can't even use the things they bought without going out and finding someone to build me a parcel.

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You have to be standing on top of the parcel to build on it. If you paid $250, you should have a Town parcel. You should be able to build most things on it


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I was able to build in all my buildable parcels without problem. The buildable ones will tell you the number of buildings of each size that you can build in a particular parcel when you hover the mouse over it in the inventory.

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On 9/21/2020 at 6:29 PM, BucDen said:

Are you sure? I have Sapphire and I don't have a town parcel. 

The KS Sapphire backer bundle should include a Small Castle bundle and a large Keep bundle (amber includes a small Fort; see caenth's bundle comparison sheet).

SC bundle is associated with (and contains) a city parcel and a castle centerpiece, K bundle a town and a keep, F bundle a shire and a lodge. Unless a stronghold bundle isn't consumed (=unbundled) via your account management, you won't see it's components as individual items in your backer rewards list

There is no need to do so, though, if you just want to use/test that stuff in the testing environment on the LIVE server. You can claim (and see the full list of) the bundles components via the purchase tab in the ingame lobby.


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