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Can we PLEASE get something to fight over in the upcoming campaigns? Even it was something as simple as more export slots at least it would be SOMETHING to fight over. What I'd really like to see implemented if I had a magic wand is a Realm Rank system like DAOC where you would get points for abilities etc. Give us something!

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Daoc Relic System was also nice. Would like to See somethink like that in crowfall for the non siege Times to create pvp. Like stealing a item out of a enemy holding / Haul it to one of yours and get a boost in chest loot or buffs. 

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IMO, DAoC's Realm Rank system would be a great addition to Crowfall. Here, it's all about Throne Wars BUT...  We can't ALL set on that Throne, we need to reward ALL our players to keep em coming out. 

I was a beta tester for DAoC 20 years ago and I still play it today a few hours every week. I play with friends and my darling wife and do enjoy staying in touch with them in-game. 

I'm in the top 5 of my class by realm rank and want to stay there, maybe even move up a bit :)  It's a great technique to keep players going for a very long time.


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If the dev team is reluctant to start handing out permanent rewards, then temporary badges or a temporary trophy of some kind would be nice.  A temporary victor statue to display in the EK, a temporary mount skin...anything really.  I get not wanting to upset the game balance or give crazy rewards during testing, but as the OP stated, something would be nice.

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