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Around a Month In, My Thoughts

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I’m writing this mostly blind of much else on this forum and of any roadmaps the developers have laid out. I bought the game nearly a month and a half ago, but only started playing about a month ago. I’ve had a blast so far and hope to see the game move into a good direction and find its place in a world with ten thousand MMOs.


That said, this is a list of mostly gripes with the game. My hope is most of this is seen as constructive criticism, not discouragement. This is done so I can vent my issues with the game in hopes that these things may change or at least get nudged in a better direction than I, personally, find them as of now. That being said, this is my opinion. That’s it, nothing more, nothing less. It doesn’t represent the thoughts of my guild either, though they do agree with me on some of it.


The Map. Thank you for orienting it north up. I still would like to see it as a flat map that doesn’t need to be rendered. It’s rather cumbersome when it has to load for a few seconds when I just want to quickly make sure I’m heading the right way.


A few suggestions for the long term:

Map markers, group, guild and alliance wide. Option to see them outside of the map as well as beams similar to the gates.

Toggle options for a grid with X/Y markers on each square, points of interest (perhaps even broken down into categories like forts, keeps, outposts, etc. which you can turn on and off as well)

Change the format of the alphabetical side to A, B, C… Y, Z, AA, BB. It’s less cumbersome to say and relay in general.


Player Experience

There really needs to be descriptions for races and classes and what they bring to the table. Races should definitely have their racial features and the classes should have a blurb, at least, about what they do and their specializations. I had to be driven to a third party site to find out what each race and class does. Such things are fine if you want more nuanced answers, but basic understandings should be built in. Seems very odd to me a more public beta was held without this in place.


Races and Classes

Less isn’t more in this case. Player agency is a great thing, give us more options. This would help make more interesting builds possible, leading to great shifts in meta between patches. Finding a way to demolish an early meta and having to shift to counter that etc etc.



I feel pretty strongly that many of these are very overzealous. As I said in my previous topic, player agency feels good and many of the racials really pigeonhole characters into certain races for the best outcome with virtually no leeway in certain cases.


Want to be a miner? Half-elf. Doesn’t matter how strong you are, +15 mining is better than the maximum possible strength of 350, which would give you +8.75 mining damage. The same goes for nearly every gathering and crafting option, there is a best one. Nearly all of them are the ones with the racial bonus for that tradeskill.


Outside of exploration & crafting I feel the combat aspects are best solved by opening races to more classes. I also feel some of the non-stat racials could be tuned a bit. Some seem very fair and balanced while others are just outright amazing.



I understand the logic in the lore of the world, but c'mon. This is not a survival game. I’m not scrounging ammo from leftover army bases and bandages from abandoned hospitals. Food has a place as a way to buff, nothing more. What does this add to the player experience? From my perspective, not much. It’s thus far been an on or off nuisance that only seems to affect me during siege windows. I, personally, find nothing intriguing about this.


That said, I’m far from opposed to food. I love cooking in games. I feel it is an often under appreciated source of buffs that are not lacking in the game currently. Give us more of that… but I’ll get to that in another section.



I’m not sure the ultimate goal of stamina in the current form. Thus far it seems to be a way to gate retaliate, blocking, sprinting and gathering. Obviously I can see the commonality with blocking, retaliate and sprinting, but, realism aside, don’t see it with gathering. I feel as if they should be two different mechanics.


Let’s assume we remove gathering stamina from combat stamina. Now, personally, I think stamina in this context should be removed entirely, but if it needs to remain it should be dialed up. Give me more positive feedback while I’m harvesting. For instance, make hoarder a passive in the exploration tree accessible early by any gatherer that gets stronger as they go. This would make the feedback loop more pleasant and reward players for playing this minigame you have with the weak spot system. Hell, double down on the mechanic. Put in multiple types of weak points that do different things. This would also add to PvP as motherloads could be an even more imposing challenge to the miners/quarriers and require their complete attention.


Crafting and Stats

Each gathering and crafting profession gains benefit from 1-3 stats. This is good, but I think it can be better. Why not add all the stats into the mix in some way. Each giving a different benefit, some obviously more useful than others retaining a way to min/max. This would also allow the races to naturally fill more niche roles for crafting without rubber stamping a bonus onto the race itself. Realistically nearly all these professions have an argument for each stat. Even alchemy, where one might think only delicacy and intelligence is key. Have you ever tried to use a mortar and pestle? It’s not easy work and takes elbow grease. A weak hand grinding your stone may leave pebbles and other imperfections that can ruin your end product. In the end, make it more of a choice for the crafter when they make the character, especially if they are planning on doing something specific.


For an example, mining could work like this:

Strength increases damage to nodes

Dexterity increases weak spot damage

Intelligence increases weak spot chances

Spirit increases chances to get rare drops when a weak spot is hit

Constitution gives stamina


Also, I would not hate a farming and cooking profession, to be perfectly honest. Though I'm not sure how the farming would work exactly. There is a space for it in the system, especially cooking. All this meat laying around… could use a few good taters. Mostly ones I didn’t find on some sweaty pigman.


There are a few points at which there isn’t correct, or in some cases any, feedback. Two notable examples are the dodge pips and the sanctifier promotion for confessors. The dodge pips should have some sort of cooldown display on them for the next pip. The sanctifier, specifically when taking the capstone, does not change any feedback for the class when your range is reduced to 7m. The abilities still react and animate like they did before you take this talent. A guildmate of mine was convinced the class was bugged until we figured out this issue. A suggestion was made to have all of their abilities fade on the 7 meter mark and replace their left click with a big ass sword of flame so it’s very clear you are melee for intents and purposes. There are other instance of this that I know I've seen but cannot remember specifically.


Passive Skills

Why are the passive points gather per tree rather than per type? What I mean is why am I gaining combat basics or armor points instead of combat points? It feels very arbitrary and punishing. I am not saying I want to bypass the requirements to unlock a new tree, I just don’t want to forget to switch something, come back three days later and waste 26,000 passive points.


There is also room to streamline the skills as well, especially in the first tree of each skill. I think the branches are far too early. A new player needs to get used to the idea of spending points here first and slowly get to understand the nuances of the system. The first five or so nodes need to be general improvements to the chosen skill tree and the branches need to be more clear on what they do and are good for. Specifically the first split should have a dialog prompt that gives a short explanation about what the choice means. Similar to how specializations are chosen. For example, exploration:

Reaping. This path leads to the gathering bounties of flora and fauna; Logging, skinning and plant gathering. These materials are most useful to woodworking, leatherworkers, alchemists and cooks.

Excavation. This path leads to gathering the bounties of the earth and the dead; Mining, quarrying and gravedigging. These materials are most useful to blacksmiths, runecrafters, jewelcrafters, necromancers and stonemasons.

Command. The path of leadership that grants you various bonuses for being the party leader. These bonuses apply to combat, exploration and crafting. In the short term you gain mounted movement bonus’ and the basics in most gathering skills. 



Of all of them, I feel this is the least interesting. I mean added up you can get some great bonuses going, but it’s almost nothing interesting. It’s all just +better in generic stats. It just keeps getting more and more specific without doing anything of interest. Not sure what I want, but overall it feels boring. If there was a skill tree I felt that should just be removed from the game, it’s combat. I feel as the natural progression of gear and vessels give enough power that this tree isn’t as useful.


Suggestion: Reverse it. Make it so you have a short generalist tree then you have to choose more specific things and get more general as it goes on. This creates a power curve for those playing longer as they can bounce between different roles more efficiently than those first starting out. On the flip side this may be too punishing, hard to say.



Overall great, it gets to where it’s going and does what it needs to do. The skills have clear benefits and feel less +good and more tangible. That said there are some that should be changed. For instance the cutting grit node is very strange. As a focused miner, mining slag feels like a waste of my time. Is slag intended to be useful for anything other than the very basic recipes? Why not just allow slag to be ground up into cutting grit instead. This would give a use to the stuff and make it so I don’t have 1000 laying around to get 100 cutting grit.



Honestly about as boring as combat. Once you get to your chosen tree it’s all the same nodes in different order. Part of me finds this one difficult because it’s pretty hard to understand the crafting in the first place. What points are better? I don’t know. The skills are generally separated into experimentation success, experimentation points and assembly success and I don’t see a reason why I wouldn’t just level these slowly in tandem. Is there a case, where it is a specific tradeskill or instance, where experimentation success is better to focus on over experimentation points and assembly success? As far as I can tell you need all three of these things to succeed at any given craft and focusing on one doesn’t seem to net any benefit.


Taking a step back, the base tree is very confusing. It gives a bonus to general crafting. What is general crafting? I assumed, based on the wording, it was all crafting. However, that’s not the case. It gives you 25% of the power to any of the actual crafting disciplines. It’s worded and worked very strangely. Need some clarity here.


As an aside, I’m curious why the decision was made to change to only two passive trees. Seems arbitrary and my conspiracy minded brain can only think it was done to sell alt accounts. There may be a very clear reasoning for this, but that’s just where my brain goes.


That said, I wouldn’t mind a confirmation or cancel button when spending my points.



It’s weird and I like it. That said, the discipline UI should have the coffin of your current vessel in the center so you can quickly look at the stats whenever you’d like. Also vessels should be renamable by whoever uses them. As much as I want to look at my favorite character's vessel being named xXMADEBYD0M1N4T0RXx or Hahatiticaca, it’s a bit easier if I can name it.



Need bigger bank. Perhaps even a tradeskill bank, reserved for tradeskill items.



I think I’m in the minority here, but I would love for the game to double down on them. Make them more important to customize your character. Make capstones change the abilities learned in the tree like Cleric and Templar talents currently do. Leave it to the disciplines to give the character more nuance and direction. I wouldn’t be opposed to classes boiling down to five choices that dictate how the skills work and the rest being disciplines.


To Sum Up

All that said, I custard love the PvP core. The pieces may be a bit janky, but the core is there and it’s fun as hell when it all comes together.

While the material wipe made me more than a little sad, I do enjoy the new crafting changes. The quality of life is vastly improved. I also quite enjoy the group nature of the professions as well. It feels good having several members come together to create stuff. Though I do feel some of it can be simplified a bit.

I’m looking forward to the talent rework. I had more written up about it, but I’ll hold off until I see those changes.


Thanks for your time,



Edit: Apparently there is a profanity filter. I have never said 'I custard love something,' but I damn sure am now.

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Zeir in reference to your harvesting gripe. In actuality all end game harvesting will be done by HE, or Guinea’s. As tools get better and move you towards the damage cap other stats like crit harvest chance. And crit harvest amount become much more important.

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15 hours ago, Dakoth said:

Zeir in reference to your harvesting gripe. In actuality all end game harvesting will be done by HE, or Guinea’s. As tools get better and move you towards the damage cap other stats like crit harvest chance. And crit harvest amount become much more important.

This is true of pretty much every stat. What we learned about endgame builds in alpha is that the race stats that matter are attribute caps and unique bonuses you can't get on gear (double jump, burrow, racial actives, etcc)

everything that just a +x is really only applicable at low vessel and gear quality.

Crowfall's entire stack of stats is built around really easy to max caps. Some race/class combos can close on those caps in a white vessel with crappy mob gear. Its all about the caps. Selecting which handful of stat caps you want to max and how you're going to do that on a given template. The half elf can use crappier tools at endgame, but his effectiveness at dealing damage to nodes (which is what that stat does) is identical to, say, a fae or nethari that was built and geared to mine.

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Rub rock on face and say "Yes food is eaten now time for fight"

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