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How Did You Hear About Crowfall?

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I thought it would be interesting to hear how everyone found out about Crowfall in the first place. Was it Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, an article (which site?) or somewhere else?


For me, I originally found out about Play2Crush from the living legend Raph Koster on Twitter before the announcement that he was involved. What about you, let's hear it.

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Three spirits came to me in a dream. Each foretold of an MMO to come that would satisfy the discerning few amongst the player base.These spirits 3 never actually named this MMO, but at the end of the

From following guys like Arawulf and Lethality on Twitter

Google searched "Games like Ultima Online" and set it for past week... Wish I heard about it sooner!

I was roaming around on Gamasutra looking for interesting articles to read when I came across one talking about the founders starting a studio to create a new MMO. I clicked the link and never looked back.

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I heard on Todds FB that he was making a new game.   Forming a new company.  The play2crush announcement was made there.   

Maybe it not about the happy ending. Maybe it's about the story.

RIP Doc Gonzo "to anyone...speak your mind...defend your position...be prepared for an Argument and enjoy the process of the discussion...that's all part of any good Forum experience"

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Many people from the Shadowbane Emulator community are really looking forward to this and spreading the word:



Recent Post:

"Hey all! The 7th of March has been chosen by the community to be our launch date for the epic upcoming 1.5 Patch, new server and wipe. The test server is up from now until then if you want to get involved.

Some big news from Crowfall today with the launch of the Crowfall kickstarter. As you know, our community is invested in this game as it's a spiritual successor to Shadowbane. Let's show them the support from our community that they deserve!

Share this post to get the word out to as many people so we can get this project funded, and give our community a more modern game based on Shadowbane fundamentals.

Check out their kickstarter here: https://www.kickstarter.com/…/cr…/crowfall-throne-war-pc-mmo


And remember, the Shadowbane Emulator Patch 1.5 starts on the 7th of March, with a fresh start for all. Prepare to Play to Crush! Check out the announcement here: http://shadowbaneemulator.com/forum/viewtopic.php…"



lol ok.. I wonder if I'll still be able to steal directly from people's inventories.. hrmmm

;)Twitch - Twitter


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