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Getting Started In Crowfall Tips & Suggestions


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Getting started in Crowfall can be challenging without a guide or a Murder of Crows to support you through those first few hours. Please share below your getting started tips and suggestions that will help new players in their journey. You may even get your tip or suggestion added to our website!  



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To be come a Pro Harvester you will want to use the most 'Advanced Tools' But, you will need to train your skill with tools before you can use them. Consult your 'Basic Exploration' training to unlock Knives, Axes, Picks and Hammers alongside abilities to harvest much sought after rare commodities, such as gems and minerals, heartwood and blood!

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Get that Passive training started.  This is where you can choose what path your crow is on.  Spend points in crafting, exploration, or combat. You can choose 2 paths.  Your skills points will not AUTO start.  You have to do it manually by picking the path. 

Find a guild.  Right now there is not much up to date game information out there.  Your community is where you are going to learn the most.  Some of the systems (crafting) are not easy, a guild could get you lined up for success.  This game is very social and is very difficult to play solo.

Remember, this is not a game yet ! ! !  This is the Beta concept of the Crowfall game.  Expect changes, population sways, and the looming wipe.  There will be a full wipe at launch.  As the Beta concept is moved forward and items are changed, wipes to items will happen.  

God's Reach, Infected, and Campaign worlds have different quality material.  Some things can only be achieved in the higher risk areas.

Items have different colors.  Just because a breast plate is of higher quality does not mean it is the best.  It might be best starting gear, but the next tier up may have common drops with better stats.  Don't get caught up with the color (quality) of an item, look at the stats.

Please read the quests at the beginning.  The Devs are getting things set up to help the new player understand how to get things done, but there is so much info about everything.  I know I don't read them, but for a new player to Crowfall it really gets you started.  If you don't read them . . . . . Let's just say that the community is answering alot of questions that are in the NPE (New Player Experience).   Please put comments in forums if having difficulty understanding or finding info about something.  The Devs need to know so it can be fixed or changed.

When you get to a point and ask yourself , "What am I suppose to do now?"  Well . . . That's the thing.  You do whatever you want!  Explore the crafting system, Go farm gear or mats,  PVP,  join guild!  Yes, I know, I mentioned join a Guild again.  If you were in a guild, you would not be asking yourself what to do.  You would be asking your guild members.

Oh yeah !!  Have fun !!

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