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Belkan Mercenary Company


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Belkan Mercenary Company




Belka is a brigand company that owes its allegiance to no man, opting instead for the cold loyalty of gold, loot, and brotherhood. Our home is not in a warm hearth of some wealthy keep, ours is in the wilds with the blood of the innocent under boot. Our operatives and mercenaries are given free hand to mercilessly hunt down and kill neutral parties, no warning or need for justification necessary. Joining our company means specializing in PvP and Mercenary work, not kingdom building. For this reason Belka considers itself friend to none, enemy to all.


Belka is a small company that has existed in many prominent games primarily in Eve and Minecraft, with a presence in any other multiplayer game that takes our fancy such as Rust, Albion Online (alpha) and PS2. Individually we have experience into almost every major MMO there is.


It is important to understand where we come from to see where we will be going. Our tactics involve murder, extortion, and mercenary work. We do not sympathize with the weak nor do we bend to the strong. To those familiar with Eve, we basically warred carebear corporations and proceeded to destroy their way of life until a fine was paid. In addition, members were allowed to poach any target as long as it succeeded. In Minecraft we primarily operated as PvP bandits killing anyone in sight or mercenaries lending our services to any kingdom willing to pay in order to boost their numbers without needing a recruitment campaign. 


What we aren't: A giant conglomerate guild. We will never operate as one of those zerg guilds that muster dozens upon dozens of people with variable skill levels in order to overpower the objective. This will be a small-medium guild that focuses on individual and team skills. Optimal set ups will be determined upon release, but will involve rolling deep in PvP zones with well-thought groups of varying classes with good communication to mutually support each other and focus down target after target in order to achieve efficiency and effectiveness even when outnumbered.


Because of the early stage that Crowfall is in it is unclear which path we will/can take but from initial glimpses it appears that both strategies will be viable to an extent. In the Shadow Worlds where combat is Guild v Guild, it seems it might be possible that one guild could forgo attempting to win the reward in order to help another guild win it. That would be mercenary work. The Dregs seem like an ideal place for a roaming band of brigands to poach in.



By attempting to join Belka you will be committing to PvP and throw off the chains of sympathy for your fellow players. The bond of brotherhood within the company is strong. Together brothers, we will reap the loot of this world and all others to come after.


Without the game being playable in order to join message me and we'll talk. Once the game launches ability will be determined before talking. 18+ and once game launches, voice comms.

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