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Weekend play testing plan for TEST

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Howdy Crows,

We’d like everyone to focus on testing the new Dregs campaign this weekend on TEST.  To help ensure that you can level and gear up quickly, TEST has free vendors available.  

If possible, we’d like guilds to test out Alliances, making sure that they apply and persist correctly. Guild Leaders and Guild Officers can now invite other guilds to form an Alliance of up to four other guilds (Guild Leaders can modify their Guild member ranks through the Crowfall website). Alliance Status is displayed in the Alliance UI in the game, or in an Alliances menu.

  • Make sure you’re friendly with members in your Alliance
  • Check that you’re able to group and trade
  • Guards are reacting proper (hostile or friendly depending on the circumstance)
  • Take part in sieges and make sure that Victory cards apply correctly. 

Please report anything that you feel is not working as it should on our bug forum. This is important to us and aids in identifying any issues that would prevent us from moving this version to our LIVE Beta server. 


Play on TEST this weekend for 4-hours or more to get rewarded with the exclusive Crowfall Hunter Tankard! Beginning September 24th at 8 PM CDT// September 25 at 3 AM CEST through September 28 at 8 PM CDT// September 29 at 3 AM CEST - playtesting for 4-hours or more puts this exclusive cosmetic reward on your belt - the Crowfall Hunter Tankard.



ArtCraft Entertainment, Inc.  [Rules of Conduct]

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6 minutes ago, pamintandrei said:

Is this how it feels to have a good CM that actually works?

Too bad 4+ years was wasted...

Oner of my biggest gripes. I know, I know.. "Development".. The present "community" is a prime example of lack of "development" over 5 years. Kudos to ACE for pulling that trigger. They need to be more engaged.


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14 hours ago, SAM_BUKA said:

Are the Russian-speaking players able to play on TEST? They also would love to help ACE with testing and to get the reward too.


I'm sorry it's region blocked, we'll reach out to Innova about a TEST server. 

ArtCraft Entertainment, Inc.  [Rules of Conduct]

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