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Changes I'd like to see made to Crowfall


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These are some changes I'd like to see made to Crowfall. I'm not going to be mentioning things that I know are currently being worked on like character customization and performance. These are more subtle problems or things that I think will become an issue in the future.

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Repost of some my suggestions (SWG inspired)

  • a “PVP” New Player Intro  (Siege Perilous/Hunger Dome style) ..rather than first going to a less exciting-“sandbox PVE teaching”-Gods Reach first - 
    - Maybe this PVP battleground intro is non-repeatable once a certain level type area. Maybe it provides a way to make alliances off the bat or join veteran guild recruiting players leveling up their obtained vessels?
    Something that shows players some pvp before grinding all the sandbox elements and learning gathering- with todays generation of action first gameplay to be anything interested.
    Combat I believe is highlight to crowfall and limited ability skills while leveling restricts seeing that skillful play vs. Players in the beginning.
  • 24hr defendable things - (turrets/statues/capture the flag) on boarders of keeps. Where keep owners are forced to to defend/build up/maintain things if you were keep victorious and wish to hold./ Also provides small achievable goals for small groups during late night off hour times to windle down keep defenses a little come seige time.
    Maybe a Zombie/PVE attack waves on long defended keeps - "hunger strikes".
  • Trophy Reward “Decor Displays” for Crafters EKs - or custom decor for visiting crafter vendor locations and guild main buildings showing off trophy rewards and loot./ "
    Basically, Game incentives for dedicated crafters holding these vendor locations building known EK shop places"
    (more alternate things below)
  • Economy “Sale Item List” Terminals - Easier finding vendor location for "certain items" you are shopping for. (like zybak mentioned a EK description area to list all goods your EK sells.)
  • Custom above head “Text Tag/Titles” – for viewing visible shop "custom vendor signs" showing possible vendor contents.
  • Also optional viewable player chosen "playstyle – nameplate titles”- role list of text tags to choose from. An sense of achievements obtaining titles for players. Also for benefiting faction campaign players displaying what you can provide /receive instant messages for./
  • EK PVP Risk Shopping? - of venturing onto enemy EKs to purchase successfully. - Your essentially enemy flagged temporarily, and the only attackable players are the successful ones that recently won a campaign game. (set time duration?).
    These winners are attackable at EK owners choice rules.
    Like, maybe these enemies or guilds can be "subject to high item decay PVP, or inventory loot PVP, or maybe even crafters can set further “Lock Out” from certain vendors where the enemy wouldn’t know they are fully locked out till they visit the vendor in person, and yet knew they were atleast subject to attack just by visiting. Maybe locked out of certain buildings or statue buffs.
    But, anyone can shop at the “campaign winners EK vendors” if you have not recently been in a winning campaign alliance, to help supply less fortunate players/guilds with vendor loot.

    Essentially, Risk EKs would create outside campaign "risk" to those who create large alliances or often win campaigns and would have to rely on self sustaining themselves. While on the flip side, non winners would want to create a restricting alliance outside campaigns. There own large alliance shopping EK to combat those constant winning campaign guilds/players, Also it being tool to players to see “whos who.” As non flagged visitors could maybe see who and what guilds are PVP restricted. (Maybe visitors can see full text lists within the EK guild hall? but also they would show up as yellow attackable players too.)
  • Chat bubbles+Split-able Chat Boxes - Need more social options and customizing for "slow scroll monitoring" of zone/multiple groups/guild chat.(Split window chat boxes).
     Maybe a General Chat bubble option (or yells): for quick attention viewing, guild recruiters, faction leader battlefield instructions, taunting on keep walls, random enemy socializing..etc. Maybe option to turn off if problem in fights but expect it well above char models and used as a “heads up” to view your general chat./
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Crowfall certainly suffers from a lack of mid-long term "moment-to-moment" gameplay, I'd like to see more smaller objectives as well - and yeah, trading is difficult and the alliance hard limit sucks.

Edited by Xarrayne

P.S. Grr Winterblades 🦌


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33 minutes ago, Xarrayne said:

Crowfall certainly suffers from a lack of mid-long term "moment-to-moment" gameplay, I'd like to see more smaller objectives as well - ...

Hopefully they just holding small objective things back till launch time comes. Would make sense for certain test scenarios atm. 

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