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Got into the beta, very out of my depth

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Heya! Got into the beta today, and figured I'd form my own opinion on the game. I've come from Albion online and this sounds sort of similar? Liking a lot of it so far, but I'm not too sure what I've got to do next. I've hit level 19 as a High elf frostweaver, specced into the healing subclass. I like palying a support role more so than a dedicated healer usually, so I figured this looked good enough. First major discipline I've picked up is Standard Bearer, which seems like it's good for group play. 


I've finished the tutorial though, so I guess my question is what do I do now? I see that there's 19-25 world, and one after that. Is it recommended I grind up to 30? Do I join a guild? (Can't seem to find that ingame, or a friends list either). If anyone can point me at something that'd be great!


Also if anyone knows a 'Thon' I'd have loved to add him to my friends list but I couldn't find it :x

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Hey Hitmontipx,

The new player experience is still being built, which is why you run out of quests at lvl. 18-ish.  For the time being, you can finish leveling by fighting npc's and sacrificing items to the gods.  Experience points are not split between group members, so it helps a lot to form up before hunting.

The number one tip most folks will give for new players is to find a guild to play with.  Crowfall is designed with groups and guilds in mind, so you'll have a much better time in the game when you make some friends.  Most guild functions are only found on the Crowfall website at this time, since many social features (like friends list, etc.) are not implemented in-game yet.

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask.  Crowfall can be a fairly complex game, but you don't have to figure it all out yourself.


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