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<PFU> Please Fix Your UI Recruitment Open


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Just a few guys that want a better UI

Who is PFU?
PFU is a collection of PVP veterans spanning several games, consolidating from the Warhammer Online private server we have all come to love the thrill of PVP.
We are looking for like-minded players who want to be involved in all aspects of this game, from the harvesters to the warmongers, everyone has a part to play.
Although still relatively new to the nuances of Crowfall as a game, we are all too familiar with the concept of glory and are hungry for more.

Why is PFU?
As a guild we aim to participate in all areas of the game, from designated harvesting groups, to squadrons for PVP. There is a role for every type of player and we can help facilitate that.
Our next direct goal is to be able to field a well composed team to participate in campaigns. Holding keeps until the UI is brought to a more pleasing state.

Where is PFU?
With globally spanning membership, PFU can be represented at all hours. Members can be found at various twitch streams as well, helping to bring visibility to a fantastic game with a lot of potential.

How is PFU?
Starting as a group of friends from across various games, we have no patience for drama. We are a laid-back casual group of tryhards, that are here to have a good time.
Veteran and Fresh Players coming together to share knowledge, experience and good times.

What is PFU?
Open for recruitment! 
If you like the look of what you have seen here, in game, or on stream. Please feel free to join the Discord here: 
And contact either Kekkerss (Guild Lead) or OGAlpacalypse (Recruitment) to join us, or Slevi (Diplomat) for potential Alliances.

Looking forward to carving a place out for ourselves in this fresh landscape.

<Please Fix Your UI>
Just a few guys that want a better UI
Shenanigans on Twitch

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