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The ACE Q&A Livestream returns Tuesday October 6th at 11 AM CDT/6PM CEST.  

Tune in to be one of the first to know what’s next for Crowfall! Twitch.tv/CrowfallGame

J. Todd Coleman (Creative Director) and Thomas Blair (Design Director) with a first look at the changes to talents and disciplines, and answer questions from the stream. 

Have questions you want answered? Post your questions here, as a reply and please put the word <QUESTION> at the beginning for easy curation. We will try to get through as many of your questions as possible during the Q&A. Remember, questions should be directly related to Crowfall updates and gameplay.

Thanks for your support!

ArtCraft Entertainment, Inc.  [Rules of Conduct]

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6.2 WHEN?!


<QUESTION> Will some classes be getting ability reworks that are long overdue (Knight) with these upcoming talent and discipline changes? 


<QUESTION> Do you plan to keep the overall capacity at 2 major / 2 exploration / 3-4 minor disc setup or will that be affected heavily by the rework?


<QUESTION> Will Exploration disciplines be expanded to include new ideas or ideas that have been halted or scrapped in development? Tracking, map making, tracking, treasure hunting, TRACKING (Hint Hint) ?

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Shadowbane style advantage / disadvantage disciplines when? ~Yianni 1/21/21

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<QUESTION> Performance has been an issue for many players. Outside of the large scale 100 player fights memory leaks have been making the game unplayable on even the strongest rigs. What progress has been made and when will we start to see that progress reflected in game?


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<QUESTION> Do you have any plans to move away from the current "alarm clock" playstyle prelevant in Crowfall. Thanks to all the timers on everything the place is a wasteland populated by a few stealthers when some "timer" isnt active then its just a zerg fest when timers are active.

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<Question 1> Could you tell us more about the progress on 6.200 update?

<Question 2> What is the possibility in % that the 6.200 patch will see LIVE servers before 2020 ends? Or will it hapen in 2021 already?

<Question 3> Will there be a full wipe associated with the 6.200 update?

<Question 4> Is there any plans to rework current siege mechanics?

<Question 5> Is there any plans to rework Keeps and Forts?

<Question 6> Will ACE continue the trend of making Crowfall more of a PVP game? For example, balancing risk & reward factor to motivate players to risk and to have PVP more.

Edited by SAM_BUKA

Tyrant: you were too tough, they gave up. (10/15/2020)

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<Question> Can we get a sneak peak at some of the 6.2 discipline and talent changes?

<Question> Are there any plans to make Stonemasonry Assembly and Experimentation stats useful for more than just the Quality Assurance Kit?

<Question> Are there plans on an EK pass? There are a lot of limitations and bugs that make building up an EK not fun.

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Thank you for doing a Q&A.

<Question 1> With many of the beta waves recently ending and player burn-out during testing what are your planes for player retention now and on release?

<Question 2> As many players have expressed the current FPS issues are getting better but still a huge issue when it comes to enjoyment of the game. Is their anymore information or a time frame on potential improvements?

<Question 3> Currently siege timers, fort chests, etc create a very scheduled form of play are there any plans for more organic designed PVP objectives such as hold to earn points, flag carrying to score points, etc...??

<Question 4> What is the goal/theoretical mentality for class and discipline balance? (Stormcaller Emitter, Plague Lord Discipline overuse, etc...)


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<QUESTION> You had some really difficult patches for the last few weeks. Could you elaborate on what kind of issues cropped up that impacted things that had been working that broke during this troubleshooting? Can you talk about how the testing feedback given was used to drive the test patches that came out sometimes more than daily? That pace was pretty darn impressive.

<QUESTION> When JTodd discussed 6.2 on a stream recently, he brought up that he thought 6.2 was 5-6 weeks away. Was that time it hits test or live?

<QUESTION> How much attention are you giving to what races/classes/disciplines are being played and the amount of comparative damage being done? Can you describe how you are using the combat log data to drive balancing in these areas and how that influenced your changes for the 6.2 discipline update?

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<For Dregs>
Can we get more storage in the keeps. The two chests are not nearly enough.
Can the Campaign vaults get the same sort and search UI and functions of the GR/EK Bank. And 200 slots.
Binding at Keep/Belltower/Resstatue will this be a thing. Ever?

XS tokens. Reworks coming? Weeks? Months? Years?
Vassal Chests - Same as noble chests but with vassal permissions. 
Deposit only permissions. Can add to chest. But can't remove. 
EK uptime Duration. Still being worked on? Weeks? Months? Years?
More sandbox tools. Placing Seeds for materials, Animal seeds as well?
Things like Player dropped reward chests fed by a special chest that the owner can drop things in. 

Item stacking into and out of tradegraves/boxes/banks. Can this please get a look. Stuff going into character storage from banks and boxes is not stacking. Causing a lot of excess time fiddling.
In game mail system? Is it something that is being worked on

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7 hours ago, Sirktivo said:

<Question> Is there any plan of making content for smaller scale pvp?


<Question> What are balance passes for classes judged off of? (5v5, 10v10, ZvZ) 


<Question> Quality of life passes? Ingame mail? Duels?

I'd like to add to these questions as they are good ones!

<Question 4> Quality of life improvements on the UI still? It's still pretty rough around the edges and sometimes laggy.

<Question 5> In-game Social system for friends, guilds, as mentioned above mail, guildmates online (and maybe a chat remake?)

<Question 6> The delay between seeing yourself use an ability and seeing/hearing the damage take place currently feels off sometimes, as well as sometimes when you see other's use abilities it has a delay before you see yourself take damage. Is there plans to improve this?



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Forts -providing- ressources don’t make any sense.  They undermine the harvesting in the game and only further support the ‘Uncle Bob’ effect.  Are there any reworks in their design in the works and which?


Example - they could provide a harvesting buff for the zone its in - to the owners make more sense.  

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What type of Character Balance will 6.2 bring?

Will there be a time where we can make our own tabs in the chat so we can organize it better?

With such a big change in 6.2 shouldn't there be a wipe to balance everything out and start fresh? to make sure the game don't break again for 2 weeks. and lose more people to it.

Any chance we can get a full loot campaign in the future with some ranks and rewards for PvP?

Will we be seeing better Combat animation for 6.2 sometimes i feel like i'm getting hit by nothing and losing health while PvP?

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