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Prepare for battle as a new Dregs Campaign, Aliepo, erupts! 
Brave Crows must fight for victory before the world is consumed by the Hunger! 

Starts: Thursday, October 8 at 5 PM CDT  // (Thursday, October 8 // 7 PM CEST) 
Ends: Tuesday, October 20 at 11 PM CDT // (Wednesday, October 21 // 6 AM CEST)

Imports: 15
Exports: 50
To enter this Campaign you must be Level 20

Win Conditions: The faction or Guild who earns the most victory points by the end of the campaign is declared the winner by the Gods!

ArtCraft Entertainment, Inc.  [Rules of Conduct]

Follow us on Twitter @CrowfallGame | Like us on Facebook

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3 minutes ago, ACE-Tiggs said:

Two separate campaigns for NA and EU.  

Are you able to discuss the decision making around this a bit more?  Are the specific testing goals driving this decision or are there technical reasons a combined campaign with zones that have different timers that make it unfeasible at this time.

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Unless ur specificly testing the affects of just having NA on a server let us know other wise please combine both servers and have NA and Euro seige times.

I would rather have 1 hrs period where half the forts go live and 1 hr for Euro forts instead of 3 hrs spread we get when it just an NA server

Veeshan Midst of UXA

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I would add my 5 cents and will also say that I liked campaigns where both EU and NA mates were together. More population = more fun = more stress test for Crowfall.

BUT people who vote for combined campaign, I'm just warning you, be prepared for more lags then and do not whine after ;)

Tyrant: you were too tough, they gave up. (10/15/2020)

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