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LF Trade/Crafting Guild


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Character name Asmorex, Confessor Inquisitor is beta main char

Guild Criteria:

  • Region: NA (MST)
  • Atmosphere: I'm looking for a mature, laid back very casual guild interested in crafting/harvesting and trade. Haven't dabbled in PVP yet but not against trying it out.
  • Casual/Hardcore:  Casual
  • Size:  Medium to large
  • Play-Style:  Prefer Caster/DPS but dabbling with melee seeing what classes are interesting i.e duelist/templar. Made an Archdruid, Archmage, Confessor Inquisitor, Archer, and working on Templar fanatic. So far I like the Confessor the best. Archer seems ok but probably should have gone Warden. Picked up woodworking so testing that out from a crafting standpoint.
  • Commitment:  Can play an hour or so in the evenings 6-12 hours per week 
  • Miscellaneous: Definitely not looking for drama as I am 50+ so looking to have a good time playing the game and being part of an active fun oriented community. Having done just about everything am looking to focus on crafting and building a rep doing that. Lots to learn from a crafting aspect so looking for a guild that doesn't mind teaching.


  • UO: Played on Ches server from 1997 til Siege serve came out...played there as Anti PK, Tamer and then finally as  PK and after dominating server as top PVP guild -D- moved on to DAOC
  • Dark Age of Camelot:  Played ranger at release and then lost interest when they nerfed it. Had tons of fun with keep/rvr combat
  • World of Warcraft:  played on and off from release and tried to get back into it but just changed too much from release
  • Insert every game you can think of here. Played over a dozen different MMOs but just didnt feel the calling to stay. Most recently ESO


Voice-Chat Services:  I've used TeamSpeak and Discord

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Murder Incorporated is a crafting/economy focused guild, but definitely not in the medium to large category. Right now it's just me, and a couple others have expressed interest. I'm hoping that interest will increase once we are actually able to keep EKs open.

If you want to just hang out and not commit yet, that's cool. You can set up a vendor if you want, but I can't guarantee EK up time. If you just want to pick my brain about crafting or the game in general, that's cool too.



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Thanks for the reply Arkade...giving it a rest for a few days have been playing and testing out a few different classes. Crafting seems to be quite challenging so will be reading your wikis and will give you a shout out when ready to start learning how to make stuff beyond the advanced weapons have made so far.

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