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Did I miss a special announcement that this game is actually a Harry Potter MMO or something? Was it on Twitter? Should I check?  :P

No this is not Wizard101. XP

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Thought i should let everyone know that this guild will have ranks as far as who's better than who. I'll determine what those exact ranks will be in the near future, however the bottom ranks will be called something funny to encourage you to get out of that rank. if you wanna move up in the guild prove you're better than someone in a simple 1v1 (if at all possible when this game comes out). HOWEVER guild leader remains guild leader: Me.


Ok ranks aside we will be mostly focusing on strengthening our members. This includes new recruits. so if you think you stink at the game or just wanna lvl up a bit before moving on, COME TO US. We will help with that as well as giving info on all we learned so far. I honestly can't guarantee this policy will stick once all the good stuff is released but for now its available.


Finally we will be having a lot of fun during the game and outside of the game Via skype, so if you played w101 or p101 and have skype, let me know and you're in.


Relly D.

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