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Getting in a campaign (too many items)


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So here is my dumb question... because I searched for the keyword "campaign" in the 17 pages of this subforum and apparently, I'm the only one with this issue.


I have a lvl 29 Druid and I want to test out the pvp campaign.

When I try to join a campaign, I get the message "can't transfer this character because it has too many items"

So I tried to sell a lot of stuff, put nearly all my stuff in the vault, didn't work.

I asked in game, people told me I can't transfert with more than 50 items in the vault (I had 46... so... ok), and I should put my stuff in my inventory to transfert

I tried again with an empty vault and all my stuff in the inventory, but same message


So... What's the magic incantation to get into a campaign ?

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4 minutes ago, Hyriol said:

The current Dregs campaign has 15 imports tokens, meaning you can only bring a total of 15 items including everything you're wearing.  Count up what you're wearing first, then you can add a few things like gold, food, or bandages to total 15 items.

And it's 15 items per ACCOUNT so if you want to take 2 characters one needs to go nearly naked.



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