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(Please disregard/delete) Templar Fury ready for a guild...


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Please ignore this. I didn't realize there was already a recruitment thread!




---I'm looking forward a guild that has some people who used to play.. or maybe still do, Atlantica Online. I haven't played in a long time, but it would be fun to run into others who played it or maybe we played together. I was on Delphi Server. Other than that though.....

So, I'm as far as I can go being a solo player right now so I am looking for a good guild.

I would prefer a guild that is Moon. Preferably worshipers of Illara. Also I would consider Sun worshipers.

Just looking for something pretty active with a good EK with shops and a slot for me to set up shop in there as well.

-Not totally helpless (not gunna lie though, I don't know what all the gear slots are for yet)

-I'm Pacific Standard Time (except I rarely am alive during daytime)

- I love Pvp, but I haven't done in CF yet.

- Yes I do have some years of experience playing MORPG.

Games I have played alot: Atlantica Online, Blade and Soul in Korean and then in English. (I don't speak Korean, I was just into streaming it before it had come out in the States) and I've also played alot of Hearthstone. Lots of Indie games as well. Final Fantasy VII, VIII. I didn't grow up as much of a gamer... country folk and stuff. (My parents at our family home JUST got real flippin internet 2 months ago. Prior to that only dial up was available.... Sad childhood man... 😝)

I require a little extra patience. First game I have played in years following a traumatic brain injury. I can handle the screen time, but I'm a bit slow to pick up things. Also my short term memory is completely shot, so if you have a horrible secret you are bursting to tell I will definitely forget it lol.

Still I haven't played my other classes yet. Just maxing out my Templar. Just now starting some monster slaying in The infected. I will be a permanent player very soon.  I'd really love some help getting up to speed on more of the game features and also the stuff I either haven't been able to figure out or haven't bothered trying to figure out yet. d



Cant wait to hear from you!

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