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How do I redeem a beta key access ?

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I tried to use it in the beta sign up , but it didn't work and then I made an account then trying to redeems my beta key in the "redeem code" section , but it didn't work either . Can anyone tell me how I can redeem beta key access code ?

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That's the correct way to redeem the code.  Did it say the code was invalid?  It may have just added an entitlement for a future beta group that hasn't launched yet.  You can check the Rewards section of your Account Profile to see what group you're in.  If the code isn't valid at all, try contacting the person you got the code from, or ask for help at support@crowfall.com

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4 hours ago, Nobleplays said:

That's odd. As soon as i backed the game i could download the launcher and start playing.. Hmmm

Yes, if you BUY the game you get in NOW. He, on the other hand is trying to redeem a beta invite for a group that hasn't been invited in yet.


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