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This game Needs Actual Streamers, not Religious Fanatics

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Some random Radio station s who doesnt even own pc games, is streaming under Crowfall some end of times religious talk.


He is the only Crowfall streamer so I wont even link him, just type in Crowfall, and he comes up.



Not the way to advertise a game imo.

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I never said it was anybodys fault.   I just said its not the way to advertise.  I reported the streamer, but he streams daily under Crowfall tags, and talks about anything but the game.   The Game Devs could have him banned from crowfall streaming on Twitch,  I know this because the devs of Dead matter had taken down streamers for breaking NDA,  One message freom the Crowfall devs to twitch, and this guy will be gone


New people to the game seeing this guy might be turned away and potential loss of a sale.  That is all I am saying.

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