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[US] - Never Punished - Looking for Strong PVPers

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With the big changes coming in 6.3, we figured players may be looking to shake up their in game experience and try something other than the tried and true "go get keep, build keep, stand in keep for defense" cycle.  Since we've had success after winning rewards as 3rd overall in VEKELSEY campaign and completing our whole crafter and gear cycle in TAKKALYN, the next logical step is finding other likeminded people to share our in game experiences with.

HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR GUILD? We're a bunch of stealthers who sell our services to the highest bidder, traders of the highest caliber, and more generally - nuisances.  We are a PvP forward group who embraces combat and doesn't shy away from fights, even if we should sometimes.  We have proven ourselves to be excellent PvPers in Crowfall in keep, raid, and grief settings and are always looking for new ways to become more powerful engorge our PvPness.

DOCTRINE: Landless Stealth Oriented Merecenary

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? We expect you to have a kitted and geared stealther (preferably duelist) to play for contracts and other operations.  We give priority to players who play stealth classes, and non-stealthers are the last to receive any scarce resources.  We definitely have players who do not play rats or stealthers 24/7; however, for many game situations we will issue a call for stealthers only.  We do not plan on holding keeps for any period of time, growing them, or hosting ERP sessions in our ward rooms.

WHAT'S YOUR ECON ENGINE LIKE? We have the best crafters in the game, fully geared with epic disciplines pumping out runic weapons, tons of blue armor, jewelry, and everything else a young rat might seek out of life.
We also earn a lot of money through trade and contracts, and in TAKKALYN we've already made nearly two million gold between our work democratizing access to starter vessels/weapons and fulfilling contracts.

HOW DO YOU SPEND YOUR PLAYTIME? Depending on the campaign, we either farm cards for ourselves or others, raid keeps and get big farm to spread the word of rat equality to the four corners of Crowfall through superior firepower.  We harvest non-stop when we're not on contract or if there's not much going on, and our discord is usually pretty busy for as small as we are.  Since we're on a gear and crafter ramp right now, we are spending a lot of time harvesting, but once we get geared and can stockpile - those activities will be lessened and there'll probably be more BAPpening occurring.

WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FOR IN NEW MEMBERS? Personality and playtime.  BAP is not for everyone, we are a bunch of idiots who run around on rats and chirp in general chat nonstop.  We enjoy the game and the community, and while sometimes we banter, we do it in good faith and good fun.  We do not have a hateboner for any one guild, we work with everyone, and I feel that we are fulfilling an important niche by giving others access to protection, gear, and progression in general.  We have have some of the best gamerZ in town, and although we banter a lot, we are here to make the game fun.

WHAT DO I GET FOR JOINING? Friends and a gun

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