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the legendary pvper

Team Perfect Catch

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Folks if I were you I'd stay clear of this. I personally know all the members of the real Team Perfect Catch. If any of you know it's leader or any of it's members you'd know he'd or they would never post a simple "Join us, we da best" such an arbitrary introduction is below my comrades. Not to mention as far as I've been informed TPC was retired as a PvP group a long time ago. That said, take this as it is a copy-cat troll trying to entertain themselves. For Wiz players you know what to do for you Shadowbane lot....like I said it's a troll, just keep swimming.



Alric R.

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 Yo yo yo friends!

This is Ronan Dawn, guess someone already took my name so i'm spelling it Ronin now :P

I am pretty sure this guild was not made by any Team Perfect Catch members since i was just talking to Kev about this game and he didn't mention anything about creating it. haha...anyways it's good to see familiar names on here!

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Hahaha nice try "Ronan" and all other people trying to say I am the fake. I haven't talked to any from wizard since early August. You can go on my youtube channel and find the link for the twitter if you are interested in me proving you are wrong. I am sorry for all the confusion that is going on elsewhere, and I will soon post a video on my channel.

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Ahahaha, am I really that troll-like?  At least put some effort into it!


Here are three main fallacies that "the legendary pvper" has committed:


1.  The original post was created at 8:14 PM Pacific Time on 1/7/15, which is oddly strange considering this link:  


.....which is a time-stamped record of our raid kill on a boss in WoW.  Note when dropping down "Mythic: Kargath Bladefist" that the timestamp is 4:10:50 GMT.

So, go to this link to convert it to Pacific Time:  http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converted.html?iso=20150107T0410&p1=0&p2=217

4:10 GMT <<=====>> 8:10 PM Pacific.  As soon as a boss dies in our guild raid, we go through a Loot Council to manually distribute items, which takes anywhere from 5-15 minutes of research before we assign the drops.  Let alone, we raid from 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM Pacific.  That said, it is undeniably impossible for me to have posted this.  Also, a posting at 12 PM today, when I go out to lunch with co-workers?  Hm....



2.  The very definition and existence of TPC came to fruition through the friendship bonds between four people who no longer are continuously in each other's company, and thus, Team Perfect Catch exists now only as a memory; it is no longer an entity or existing group of anyone.  The former members exist, yes, but without Fallon, Cassandra, Ronan, and myself co-existing and intertwining lives as we once had, TPC is no more.



3.  If I were to use any avatar for a new game, I certainly would NOT be posting as my Wizard101 character.  I do not exist as "Kevin Battleblood" solely, but rather, "Kevin Battleblood" is/was an extension of myself to exist within the Wizard101 community.  I project myself through a much more unique alias created exactly 10 years ago, of which some posters above know me by via Twitter.



Thank you, but no thank you.

Edited by kbb

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