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the legendary pvper

Team Perfect Catch

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As the "other" KBB tries to prove the original wrong... Let's take a look at the flaws of your story. 1. Although he is a very avid WoW player, he splitscreens to analyze the feed he gets in all of social media. Even a guy that is crippled has time to make an account on anything and post a few comments for the fans. 2. The other KBB is right on the fact about TPC no longer consists of Fallon and Cassandra. This new TPC is about creating a bond with the new players of this game, being friendly but competitive. 3. Kevin eats lunch with his fellow co-workers at 1:30, but smart of you to pick the most obvious time to where people usually eat lunch.


Still laughing about "Ronin" for he is just the same dude as the other KBB.

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NOT Legit....

Those of us who know the REAL KBB know that this is not him.

He has no ego, not like this person. AND I am truly offended that you would slur his good name.

You, SIr, are a fake for those of us who know the true Kevin Battleblood....and the true Ronan Dawn (who goes by Ronin Dawn here)

Why would you bring that here? You must be a child who played Wiz and got banned....haha... I am pretty sure I figured out who you are...In fact I think I could make money off of taking bets on who you really are....right?

yeah, I know who this is...... lifetime ban from wiz....using others characters to sneak on there to play now....

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Here is a video that provides proof that I am the real me If anyone is interested, It's basically just a few screenshots showing my character selection screens in the games i have played under the aliases Ronan Dawn and Ronin Dawn.


Edited by ronin dawn

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