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Small Castle In game yet?

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17 hours ago, AlphariusNull said:

Sorry if there has already be asked recently but is the Small Castle In game yet? I seem to have a bunch of walls, gate houses, and two strongholds, but not the central keep that comes with castles.

As a Sapphire Backer you should have a Small Castle (and a Large Keep).

I just tested it and it's all there and worked for me. Some things can be confusing, so I'll show it step by step.

The Small Castle should be shown to you like this:


- In your account management reward list (if not unbundled)


If already unbundled, you will instead see the single items

  • Parcel City Rank 1 (the piece of land)
  • Small Castle Pack (the walls)
  • Castle Throneroom (the main building)
  • Kickstarter Castle Accessory Pack (stuff like flagpoles, not fully implemented yet)

You do NOT need to unbundle your reward to be able to use them ingame - unless you want to use only single items. Your rewards are still listed after you redeemed them ingame.

- In the ingame lobby purchase tab


If you unbundled your reward, you will instead see the single items, like the "Parcel City (Rank 1)" listed here above the small castle bundle. After you redeem them, the items will be removed from the ingame purchase list.


- In your ingame inventory, once redeemed in the lobby purchase tab + transfered from your world bank to your inventory when in your EK



- Once you placed in your EK on the LIVE server (EK rewards are not available on the TEST server)



There are several possibilities why your castle won't show up. We as community would need more informations to help you there. You can also contact support@crowfall.com - just make sure it's no simple user error first. ;)

Have fun, good luck

EU-Support-Guild (no ingame management)
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