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A couple of things I noticed while I was trying out to make a bleed swordsman warrior using war domain. From testing on the target dummies it doesn't seem like bleeds stack or additional bleeds add any duration to existing bleeds. It would be nice if doing multiple different bleeds would do something. The ability tenderize from the butcher discipline does not increase bleed damage as it stated whether casted before or after using a bleeding ability.

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They dont stack and stronger bleeds dont overide the weaker ones, same thing with all dots and it a real problem for any builds that has dots. you literaly hindering other members of the fight if u apply weaker dots than them and you loose out your damage when fighting with other people who apply them.

Its silly tbh dots need to stack in some way from different sources at the very least so your not hindering players with you.

Any disc that applies a bleed you better off getting something else if you already have a dot source from somewhere (Just to prevent people restealthing or making it hard) after that ur better getting another direct dmg source.

Veeshan Midst of UXA

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