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Assassin Thoughts


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Welcome to my Ted Talk, I've been playing since beta released, backer since 2017. Mostly playing duelist and ranger. Picked up an assassin during the 3 weeks of infected and hoped it would get better in 6.2. So far everything that has changed has made the class feel more complete. So let's talk about the changes to the talent tree. I'm gonna touch on some stats in talents because it’s a little out of my wheelhouse, some of them are either meh.


Assassin Talents

Poison Mastery and Efficient Poison don’t feel worth the talent points to get there.

  • Efficient Poison increases durability and increases duration of poison buff.

  • Poison Mastery makes Sap Strike give a Slow Buff and Septic Strike a Blackmantle Buff.

A welcome change came on 10/30 where shiv now hits the target with Instant Poison and Sap Strike hits target for the Slow Poison and Septic Strike hits target for Black Mantle. It’s a big quality of life change to my build which runs Shiv but doesn’t run Efficient Poison or Poison Mastery. The problem you now face is these 2 talents become worthless. Efficient poison would only increase Instant Poison buff from Shiv. Poison Mastery after taking the talent will give a buff to both Sap Strike and Septic Strike. Which really only feels worth it if you’re a vandal/blackguard who wants to brawl. 


Shiv before 10/30 didn’t feel too good. It would only give me Instant poison buff when taken. Now after 10/30 update Shiv feels stronger than Poison Mastery. I feel like Poison Mastery should allow me to equip one of the 4 poisons to my Toxin slot. After all, poison is almost only an assassin trait. Why can’t I use I equip them?


Garrote, and for that matter any ability that uses a resource like pips should show how much it scales per pip used. If it only increases critical chance that’s fine but it says “Garrote gashes your enemy for 48 + 41% scaling with amount of pips spent.” Does it scale the 48 + 41% or just the critical chance.


Quietude, Why does the talent Vigor closer to the middle of the tree give +450 Health and +15 Stamina and the Quietude talent farther away give +300 health and combat/out of combat hp regen. Feels like a talent you just skip. +15 which is like every 3 to 5 seconds just feels so minimal I almost never live on the skin of my teeth by having 45 extra hp when I try and run.


Shadenfreude, I do like this talent I just find if I go down this far into the tree I’m pigeon-holed into that area. It’s not a hard choice it’s more of an unfortunate one. You give up so much just to be able to get a heal, and in all actuality the maybe max you get stunned in a fight is 4 or 5 times which ends up being (400hp * 5 stuns = 2000 hp) not really a good healing.


Yaga’s Gift, I feel takes too many points to get to. You sacrifice a lot of good damage stats to get there. Which really is a passive oh poorly made dergs button, instead of using your ultimate to oh poorly made dergs get out.


Disengage, my assumption is if something does damage it puts you in combat. Main gripe I have with disengage is it puts you in combat. So using it as a gap closer makes it difficult to make moves afterwards because you have to wait on the combat cooldown. Maybe if it doesn't deal damage to something around you it shouldn't put you in combat. The main thing while playing slayer was the ability to close the distance or vise versa get away quickly once in stealth. 


Dirty Tricks, Welcome addition to our kit as I can now make people make mistakes with my 3 CC’s. It is kind of odd that it's a melee only ability. A change to maybe 1 gives me a little more wiggle room to make it work. The counter to giving it 10m is maybe make it so it can take range bonuses.


Blinksteb, at first I was scared because it said costs a pip to use. We got into test and damn is it nice having that gap closer that generates a pip. But gonna be real with the perception of rangers +35 stealth is nothing in comparison to what rangers can get.


Cutthroat Promotion

Kidney shot, adds Barrier I feel like the barrier is too small. Also it doesn’t show how big of a barrier. It feels odd that the Vandal gets increased damage when stunned and cutthroat gets a barrier. Feels flipped, cutthroat is a burst and get out promotion vs vandal which is a brawly promotion.

In the Zone, Movement speed, how much?? It should say it.

Backstab, always from behind. Very welcome change to previous builds. Always felt like it the discipline “Blackmask” should give it passively but apparently that got changed. Anyway a welcome addition to the kit.


Bloodthirsty, 15% is nice but the stacks tick down if you don’t keep damaging them from the back and I can’t reset the buff once it hits 5 stacks. So after 7 seconds of not attacking from behind it will tick down in stats. I think I should be able to reset the buff, and it should be that way for all buffs. Maybe it’s not doable with the code, but it happens with poisons i believe as well. 


Decimate, the bread and butter. Feels really good but needs to show what % each pip scales to. Also feels really odd assassin as a whole dont get it. But to each their own.


Killer’s Gift, all those stats are hawt.


Domains feel weird. I can get a lot of what I need from literally just being an assassin. I’ve done around 10 builds now and the only things in the domains I add are minors. I play cutthroat a certain way, so It’s different from others but the domains just feel empty.


Vandal Promotion

30% poison damage, +10% poison damage cap. The cap just got changed with the 10/30 patch, which does feel like a lot of extra damage but if we think about this you’re now kind of forced to go Plague because all the other poison disciplines are in there. Why would you negate 30% damage and 10% poison cap.

Kidney shot, adds damage to stunned targets. Already stated it feels flipped but again what % of damage, should be listed.

In The Zone, can refund pips on attack. It’s actually a wild buff. I always feel like I have pips to spend but nothing to spend them on.

Backstab, suppress. More CC = better.


Irresistible, Stamina drain is nuts. Enemy is going to eat a stun somewhere.


Blackjack Toss, Ranged stun is nice but idk how much extra damage it gives per pip and it feels like it's a long cd when I don’t have a pip dump. As I said in the zone gives me a lot of pips and nothing to spend them on. So I use it on this ability that does little damage, in which I also take garrote which is also 24 second cd.


Ruthlessness, those stats are hawt.


Domains, like I said with the 30% poison damage and 10% poison damage cap it just feels like you go plague or you’re losing out on way too much. Maybe put diffusion in the talent tree for vandal instead of blackjack toss. Make blackjack toss a discipline. Idk if you want vandal to play like a poison diffusion or not tho :/.


Blackguard Promotion

Kidney shot, bleeds. Nice diversification to the kit, doesn't show how much.

In The Zone, increased duration. Nothing much to say, helps not having to spend more pips.

Backstab, adds barrier. Good for brawling, we basically spam backstab. Doesn’t show how much of a barrier, but it looks like its 500.


Resourceful Tactics, Why would a talent like this only give 576 barrier which can only occur every 30 seconds. How can the promotion give 500 base but this give roughly the same. Feels like it’s low for such a time frame. Also to add, you have to take dagger storm to make this talent work. Not a hard choice, it's an unfortunate one.


Dagger Storm, haven’t been able to test group fights but seems like good damage. 5 targets getting hit for 300+ damage while poisoning is pretty nice.


Alligator Blood, interesting name to say the least. Stats are hawt.


Domains, I’ve been working out 2 builds one in plague and one in death. But haven't had much testing in a 5v5 battle. Both seem to highlight blackguards ability to fight in a group and use its aoe to push people around. 


My 2 cents.


First things first,  I get seen from 45-50 meters by all rangers that have alertness, it feels like it's harder for assassin's to get +stealth than it is for rangers to get +perception. Am i supposed to be able to counter this or is it just them countering me. My 47 stealth stat brings their vision from 50m to 45m. That's 1/3 of the cap stealth you can have. So at max stealth stats I can only bring that down to 35m. I can also be seen passively at roughly 15m now. I am fine with this because people do need a way to counter stealth. I think the main problem I'm going to have is 1 ranger per group giving 5 people 45 meter range to see me. It was already annoying enough having Drakano run around with Elken templar or w.e. pursuit-ing me down. Now I have to deal with 5 people scattering in 360 area. Seems a bit much to be honest.


Some of the talents as stated above don’t seem worth it. I’ll assume it feels like this way for most classes. The changes that have been made to shiv are very welcome quality of life changes. Being able to actually use poisons that I thought were given would be nice. We as assassins should be able to use 1 of the 4 poisons without taking a talent point or discipline. Why in the preview to assassin post about the 4 poisons if I can only use 3 of them by taking 5ish talent points and a 4th has to be a major I have to take a domain for. Maybe with poison mastery we can use 1 of the other 3 poisons left, I don’t know :/. Would love some feedback on that.


The 3 major points added to the tree from the old tree talent are Shiv, Dirty Tricks, and Blinkstep. All of which are very nice changes and help make the class feel well rounded, and can actually fight / hold its ground.


Thanks for fixing assasSIN ULT invuln it helps a lot. Now I have a different issue which is that confessor ult is far better than assassin ult. Sure it's just a feeling thing but confessor ult takes off faerie fire and puts you in stealth. Assassin ult will use a charge of ultimate, put my stealth on cd and im still not vanished.



Feels really good, damage is there. I get punished if I make a mistake in a 1v1. If I get too close to someone when I don’t have CC or retaliate I'm taking a lot of damage. It’s not well round, but it’s good at what it does. The suggested change to Bloodthirsty is a more of a quality of life change, and the other buffs change would help a lot of weird interactions with trying to re-debuff your enemy. 



I can stand on my own and fight. It’s more of a support assassin which I don’t know how I feel. The last time I tested the vandal, poison blade was broken(unless its not lol) so I couldn’t actively test how vandal was working. Now with the change to poison cap, vandal as a whole might still do really good damage with poison blade and all of its CC. I will be testing it sometime this week when I have time. I love the stamina drain, I feel like I'm an unpleasant person the whole time im 1v1ing someone.



When I said I should want to take 4 points in my promotion, I have to take 4 points here. But not because I want to, one of the talents just doesn’t work if I don’t take the other. Again I haven’t tested damage in large groups. The barrier added to dagger storm sounds too low when you’re in a group setting. Suggestion would be to make the barrier have a 30 second CD but give say 1000 or 2000 barrier on the final dagger storm combo. You can make dagger storm do a bit more damage and change the amount of times used to 2 or 3 that way there’s counter play to it. Another thing I'd like to see is blackguard is supposed to be this brawly assassin but has very little lifesteal. I have 2 ideas for it, 1 is to take away the bleed resistance on Alligator Blood and make it lifesteal or 2 change the resourceful tactics barrier to lifesteal percentage on damage done of the dagger storm. This would give it lifesteal in a group setting but not make it a tanky / lifesteal build in a 1v1 setting.

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