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The ACE Q&A Livestream returns Tuesday, November 3rd at 11 AM CST/ 6 PM CET.  

Tune in to be one of the first to know what’s next for Crowfall! Twitch.tv/CrowfallGame

Have questions you want answered? Post your questions here, as a reply and please put the word <QUESTION> at the beginning for easy curation. We will try to get through as many of your questions as possible during the Q&A. Remember, questions should be directly related to Crowfall updates and gameplay.

Thanks for your support!

ArtCraft Entertainment, Inc.  [Rules of Conduct]

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<Question> At the moment with the game state there exist very little for people to do outside of siege. Despite how the game was envisioned the meta has revolved around logging in for sieges and then logging off due to a lack of content. What plans do you have to fix this problem?

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4 minutes ago, Communist_Puppy said:

<Question> At the moment with the game state there exist very little for people to do outside of siege. Despite how the game was envisioned the meta has revolved around logging in for sieges and then logging off due to a lack of content. What plans do you have to fix this problem?

To piggy back on this.

<Question 1> Currently siege timers, fort chests, etc create a very scheduled form of play are there any plans for more organic designed PVP objectives such as hold to earn points, flag carrying to score points, etc...??

<Question 2> The current talent and discipline systems are so disjointed from one class to the next. Put the Myrmidon and Pit fighter talent trees side by side and compare the two. It's as if they were designed by two entirely different teams with entirely different design philosophies and intents. What is the design philosophy behind the talent tree structure? Will the Myrmidon changes? See my feedback post for more questions and issues.



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Could we get a status report on the very near future, the month to 3 month future, and beyond?
Where are we. 
Where are we going.
What is next. 

Can we get an infected with level 30 mobs? Soon, like in the "Now damnit" timerange?
Can we get a dregs?

Has there been any thought of a monk major disc. We have many unarmed attacks already in the system. All we need is some fistwrap weapons and a few neat powers like a lunge / flying tigerpunch, or two and it could be a hoot. 

Any word on EK stuff like a vassal chest? 
Also BIG MEGA KUDOES! for the Nobles able to spin up EK's, and the training dummies building. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANKYOU!

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Why do bows need arrows when quivers can do the exact same function, and every other similar item (toxins, frostweaver crystals, etc.) uses a simple durability item with no consumable variant or special unlocks? What is the design purpose of limiting some bow users to arrows when they have no functional ammo conservation function in combat due to their large stack limits, and no clear functional difference compared to quivers other than their bizarre two tiered decay system?

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Rub rock on face and say "Yes food is eaten now time for fight"

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Question, Whats your plan to bring in pvp hot spots outside of seige timers.

Atm we suffer from what to do during non seige timers there no one farming mobs appart from waiting for timers for the bosses, PvE is Meh so no one farming them, harvesting you cant realy find anyone since there high ranks all over the maps and so on. lack of players content for small scale content outside of seige timers

Veeshan Midst of UXA

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<QUESTION> What are the plans regarding the sentinels debuffs at a keep parcel, will that get a concept rebuild/tweak/change?

<QUESTION> Is the current roadmap to launch focusing primarely on PvP or can we anticipate some more PvE related content as well?

<QUESTION> If PvE does have a part on the roadmap to launch, what ideas are currently discussed and/or being tested with? If PvE however does not have a spot on the roadmap till that time, what PvP concepts/ideas are on the table/being worked on in order to entertain those who are not into 1. Siege 2. Forts 3. Ouposts/Shrines or 4. Random roaming kill seekers. It would be nice to get a better view on this from your side. I guess the ideabox/concepts (which are catching dust) have some nice gap filling possibilities?

*Content gets created by those who stand and fight!*

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<QUESTION> Are there any near-term plans to manifest more 'Knobbery' in the context of either Campaign rulesets or Map-specific variables? Are map-specific differences of ruleset variables or other conditions, within a single campaign, possible with current tech?

Currently all we have really seen are varying numbers of imports and exports, but nothing else of note to differentiate one Campaign from another. It seems like this testing period, with often little else to do, would be a perfect - and perhaps, the only - time before release to not only test specific rule-set variations, but explore and establish which variables can be knobbed and in what ways.

Some possible knobbing to consider, might be:

-Day/Night cycle - time variability, in general between campaigns, seasons or maps
-Death mechanics - straight to death, no downed state, or no reviving
-Event window variants - event reporting dependent upon a map's Keep, Fort or Outpost ownership
-Resource-nodes gated by constructables (hippo-based buildable bridges over chasms etc.)

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<Question> Why are there at least 14 or more "bleed" capable abilities across 6 classes and 4 Disciplines (plus a lot of passives) that do not stack? Bad ability design leads to "on paper" character strength that never manifests in actual gameplay and leads to group overlap.


Few if any of these abilities stack in class and are even less likely to stack between classes. How is someone supposed to build around a common DoT that half of the classes in the game overlap on? 

Edited by Ranik

Shadowbane style advantage / disadvantage disciplines when? ~Yianni 1/21/21

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