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The Fort and Outpost Problem and an Easy Fix

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Since the old thread was buried I thought I would make a new one to really make clear all of the problems with forts and outposts. Currently your are correct in saying that outposts are useless. Because they are. Unless there happens to be a card for them in DF they are a literal noob trap. Fort on the other hand are where you are willfully incorrect to the point where it makes me wonder if you actually play your game. There is not grand fights over someone logging into stop someone from grab a fort chest. Instead its someone who is more than likely playing a game with more players. Logging in for 2 minutes to grab the chest then logging out in the fort to repeat the process in an hour. Owning a fort means that your harvesters don't have to play the game. Why go mine when you can hold an ore fort for 2 weeks? The fact that you want to put in even more chests is a joke at best. But to make it simpler here's a list of literally all of the current problems with forts and fort loot.  Please put it on a white board somewhere in your office. 

Chest cannot be accessed unless you own the fort... 
Currently chests get looted on the cool-down, we have timers setup to farm log in take them and log off because they are not fought over.
Chests literally break the entire game-play loop of gatherers in the world needing protected...
Chests completely devalue actual harvesting
Chests are a grab and go and require no time commitment to gather as such they do not create hot zone. They are more like quick stops for potential free loot.

Want an easy solution. Tie outposts into determining the fort loot table. Hold all the outposts around a fort? Congrats you are swimming in loot. Hold zero to none. Too bad your loot table is bad BECAUSE YOU CHOSE TO ACTIVELY NOT PLAY THE GAME AND TRY AND GAME THE SYSTEM. It's not that hard. Chest are not the answer.

Since it's so hard to see good posts as well I have linked other good community posts below. Hopefully you can tell that the community is trying to talk to you. Don't say your players aren't give you feedback. We are.






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@jtoddcoleman @Tiggs I posted in another thread my idea to make outposts and forts meaningful and something that players WILL want to fight over and not just game the system as most do with today's implementation.

A suggestion to make outposts meaningful: Link outposts to nearby forts and each time an outpost is flipped, the fort loses some guards (or gains guards if reflipped).

Link forts to  nearby keeps, each time a fort gets flipped the keep loses some guards (or gains guards if reflipped). 

Then we have a reason to fight for outposts and forts.

Thanks for all the encouragement ACE staff have given player / testers to provide feedback.


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