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Can't figure out how to get access into the game

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I signed up, and it said, sign up now, for Free Access into the Closed Beta, and I did, but I can't figure out how to install the game, or play it.

I'm hoping this isn't some weird marketing play, where you get my info, get me to create an account, and then do a bait and switch and demand that I pay money for early access (also this tactic would be deemed illegal to do in most countries). 

I screenshotted what I signed up for, it was Free Access to the Closed Beta, I google if Crowfall is in Beta or Alpha, Google says Beta, but I can't get access for some reason?

Maybe I'm missing something. 

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From the beta page:

  • NOT REGISTERED? How can I get into the Closed Beta - where do I sign-up?

    • If you have not registered for the Crowfall Beta, REGISTER NOW for a chance to get a spot in Beta.

    • You must opt-in to the “I would like to opt-in to Closed Beta Access for Crowfall” opt-in to receive your email notification when your group is invited into the Closed Beta.

    • It is still possible to be invited to the Closed Beta in a late stage test group? It is possible, but we cannot guarantee it; be sure to opt-in to the Closed Beta opt-in to be notified if/when your group is invited.

  • JOIN BETA NOW - How do I join the Closed Beta and start playing now?

    • If your Beta group is not yet invited to join, you may either purchase a Backer Pack in the Crowfall Store (click the Buy Now button above), to gain access to play now or wait for your Closed Beta group to be invited in the coming weeks.

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15 hours ago, TheBackpack said:

[...] I can't figure out how to install the game, or play it. [...]


Welcome to the forums,

a few more details to what the others already said:

You can check which Beta Group you are in in your account rewards list. Looks like this



You will have to opt-in to the Closed Beta Access, so make sure the check box in your account profile is active. Looks like this




You will get an invitation via eMail, once your Beta Group is invited. If you did register just recently, it may well take several weeks (maybe even months) before you are invited, since free Beta Players get invited in batches (and when it makes sense for the current stage of testing). Free Closed Beta access is usually time limited. Last time it was about 4 weeks, as far as I remember.

You can find a list of the currently and previously invited Beta Groups on this Closed Beta Overview page, which also includes links to other helpful informations.

Once eligible, you can download the TEST and LIVE client here.

We as community should be able to answer a bunch of questions, either here on the forums or in our community discord. If we can't help, support@crowfall.com would be where to go. There's also an Official Crowfall Discord (read-only), where you can get informations about the latest server informations and updates.


Have fun, good luck


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