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Crowfall: Revival; 6.2 On Live - Right on time....to die.


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Plus my gear is terrible. Compared to some of the bombs you can see in other recent videos, this damage was low - but I don't think it is representative of what their damage potential actually is. I am not 100% sure there has not been a value reduction, but even if there is, Xarrayne is correct, I didn't place the new full amount, and with more orbs, the overall damage would still be good.

Balancing bomb damage is very tricky, especially since you have to account for buffs and end-of-life passive training values - it can't be too high or you will be 1-shotting people too easily and too often, but have it too low, and you lose this unique and interesting/dangerous mechanic which plays a special role in the game. It might be right where it needs to be.

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