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Fairly new to the game but instantly was attracted to the templar archetype.


I strived for a healer one on my 2nd toon and went Paladin but not sure if I'm lacking the correct build, the stats or the rotation. My heal seems to be fairly mediocre and my damage very low (altough expeted).

Am I missing something? Can any Pali pro share some tips please?

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This build is what I use:



How I heal -

Devotion - This is a heal over time that scales based on the damage you do.  This has a synergy with Divine Light - DL is an AOE damage over time ability that also comes with a solid heal over time as well.  Devotion has a hard cap of 200 heals per tick(not counting critical, from what I have seen) - which means this single ability can AOE heal your group for up to 3K health over 15 seconds!  If you are able to consistently maximize the full potential of this ability (which will take practice); it's one of your most valuable heals.  And because the heal is triggered on damage dealt, you can even look into synergies with the Domains and their subsequent disciplines.

Divine Light - DL is a HoT and DoT that lasts 12 seconds.  The HoT scales with support power in a major way.  The DoT - as mentioned - works well with Devotion.  Friendly and enemy Players need to stand within the radius of the AOE to receive healing or damage, which makes its placement (by you) extremely important.  There are serious considerations with CC abilities too.  What that means is something like this:  Want your group to stay within the radius of your DL?  Use the various CC options at your disposal to keep enemy players locked in that radius.  Your group will follow the enemy players, not your AOE :P.  Paladins have serious implications with their ability to control the flow of an engagement.

Healing Burst - This is an insta-cast AOE that scales with support power.  Extremely reliable if used properly.  I am regularly able to put out around a 600-800 AOE heal to my group with this.

Holy Warrior - As a Paladin, this is the only single target heal in the tree.  It heals for a lot, but is not targeted....meaning it applies to the lowest HP target in the group.  HW should be used in a situation where one of your group members is focused.  Use it wisely.

The Paladin's role is to provide sustained AOE healing to the group; and we work best with melee heavy classes such as Champions, Knights, Myrms, etc.  Classes such as ranger, duelest, or assassin are slightly more difficult to support because they rely on maintaining distance and positioning to survive.  This does not bode well with Divine Light.  So, keep that in mind for group composition.

My typical rotation is something like this -

Generally speaking - I am going to be popping Divine Light immediately followed by Devotion.  The placement of DL is extremely important, because you want to stay within the radius of it.  While in the radius, I am channeling Righteous Stand.  My first goal is to lock as many enemy players as I can within the Radius of DL (as discussed).  Often times though, while I am channeling RS, my focus shifts to my group's health bars.  If those look good, I'm keeping track of everyone's positioning.  If that checks out, I am looking for ways to use my CC.  The point is - when channeling Righteous Stand - your option is to follow-up with CC or you need to be processing as much information as possible to decide what to do next.

Process example 1 - My group is taking a lot of damage -> Consider dropping Healing Burst

Process example 2 - One of my group members is being focused -> Consider dropping Holy Warrior.

Process example 3 - My group is OK -> Focus on locking in enemies via CC.  I am Elken, so I have 2 stun charges (including Censure).  Also, Righteous Parry (AOE Cone sweep).  Also, your ultimate.


Hope this helps a little.

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It's worthy to note that all of what I said is best case scenario.

Paladins can heal for a lot.  The problem that you face - which I think is good for the class - is that your two most valuable heals (Devotion/DL) are completely reliant on your ability to use DL properly.  And even if you use it properly, most enemy players know they need to GTFO of the radius.  Also - retaliate is your kryptonite.  Players can immediately break out of your CC and become immune for enough time to leave the radius.  You really have to pay attention to this.  Your first application of DL is inevitably going to be less effective than your second application.  On my second application of DL, I am paying close attention to which players used retaliate so I can try and time my next CC accordingly; and then drop DL for the trap.

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Thanks a lot for all the tips! I think my main problem was not understanding the rotation correctly (did not realise Devotion is so important). I will definetly follow your advice next time i'm on the field.

Will probably end up leveling another pali as well since i went for Shining Armor, Indictment and Judgement instead of Righteous Defense, Fiery Devotion and Righteous Reflections. 😅

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6 hours ago, Zulnam said:

Thanks a lot for all the tips! I think my main problem was not understanding the rotation correctly (did not realise Devotion is so important). I will definetly follow your advice next time i'm on the field.

Will probably end up leveling another pali as well since i went for Shining Armor, Indictment and Judgement instead of Righteous Defense, Fiery Devotion and Righteous Reflections. 😅

Depends on the Paladin you're building. Nothing wrong with any of the talents other than Shining Armor which I think should be switched to Armor Decay Rate instead of just plate (just for any vindi that wants to go that way).  Templars have a lot of flexibility in how they want to build and the goal they're trying to accomplish.

Just remember for Paladins Divine Light its there for heals not damage( view the damage as a bonus). If a player moves out of it who cares especially if you need to top off.  Just make sure you have a pip or 2 in the tank if you need to parry up during those heals to avoid a big hit.

Devotion was explained above modifiers determine how high this can get and is a strong skill.  Also applies Sin and will be working with the Convictor major once it comes to live.  So 5 stacks will debuff a persons anti crit strike by 10% if the major is taken .  Confessors and anyone carrying prosecute will be able to burst off said sin too helps with people using condemnation to increase dps output since more targets will have sin stacks. One thing that wasn't mentioned is that it removes ALL DoT's from your group. 

Healing Burst-  If you have the pips use it.  Quick CD will be back before you realize it.

Holy Warrior-  Yes its a great heal also good for a free action if you have no stam.  Also converts the majority of stuff to unmitigated holy damage big plus here.  Once you learn your timings you'll be able to weave this in fights without holding back.

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43 minutes ago, LyeanRedeemed said:

Okay, but what attribute points should I focus on? It is confusing, and I haven't used any yet


I put all my points into one specific attribute.  For Paladin, I have everything into Spirit for the support power.


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