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6.200 LIVE Feedback for 11/23/2020

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I feel like double shot and triple shot the way they function now is punishing if you want to use an ability . The double or triple shot should just be applied from the start and not need a 90% draw first and next draw gets more dmg . Just all draw shots get the damage applied period. Every time you barrage or root or rapid shot you lose out on dps on the next draw. 

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Top Posters In This Topic

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Increasing PvP frequency and Overall World-Liveliness. This subject is often discussed in the Crowfall Community discord and among my guild members.  Many ideas have been put forth by members of th

Change to Stakes has killed them from being useful, before 6.2 no one used the archers stake until they put in a talent to make it instant. Come 6.2 you introduced new stakes and had them instant cast

Ok so this post is about Slayer. Even though I had a good time in 6.2 Dregs I was a bit disappointed with the Slayer kit. Basically you took the old 6.1's kit and turned it into the only real choice f

On 11/24/2020 at 1:23 PM, nihilsupernum said:

File this one as trivial / doesn't matter / wontfix, but the downsides of world drop food are way worse than the upsides.



That is a ~1.5% increase in health for a ~10-15% loss of stamina. Stamina is really important. If it was a 15% increase in health for a 15% loss of stamina, I'm not even sure if I'd want to take that trade.

I don't have any other food on me to demonstrate, but all the "downside" foods I can remember reading had absolutely awful benefits and really punishing harmful effects.

Could these be tweaked so that players might actually be tempted to eat them?

I found a counterexample:

Faewood Chip Cookies:
 - Combat movement speed +5%
 - Health -150


That's balanced the other way. 5% combat movement speed is almost certainly worth 1.5% health.

I think the common thread here is that the developers are overrating the value of raw HP or I am underrating it.

I get that it does scale with mitigation, so 150hp actually counts for more depending on how much armour you have, but it still seems bad compared to the other stats. 5% combat movement speed could easily be the difference between catching up with your target and delivering much more than 150hp worth of damage, or getting away and preventing much more than 150hp worth of damage.

15 stamina could easily be the difference between getting stunned for a full 3s and taking thousands of damage vs being able to retaliate and taking almost none.

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Since 22.11 i can´t play any bigger fight - allways Lag and Disconects.

Before i had no Problem - played large KDS Keep fight last Campagine with 100+ People with only some lag and no Disconect.
After this Day i can´t play any bigger fight, without Lags, Slideshow and Disconcet.


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When mining in a ravine, ore will get stuck in the walls and become uncollectible. 

I think resource pickups should collide with walls? Or they shouldn't fly out in the direction of walls? It really stings to lose blue quality ore to a damn rock wall.

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Good evening, I am not going to insist more on the fact that the ultimate of all that is stealth is no longer a stealth Ulti, but an Ult of clean Great capacity to engage Choice of clean power all Dot posed without the need for stealth, Clean being the objective Choice of being able to re-engage, or leave Finally he has all the decisions in the fights assasins who leave at 1% heatlth under Shrivel, bleed and who never die, it looks like poorly made dergs
what is the goal of ?
One shoot so that there is no time to get out? or now in 1 V 1 until 5 v5 it will only take an alertness to overcome it?

Edited by Zankara


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Rangers feedback as of this patch. 

General Talent tree (A couple changes could be made here)
- Sweep is a must take so you have no choice but to take that talent, so i see no reason to force a talent point down the middle path my suggestion: Swap sweep and Lacerate (Lacerate is nice but it option compared to sweep) so sweep all archery will get on first talent since every archer spec has to take it. Remove duel wield requirement for sweep combo so you dont require duel wield passive to use your kit. 

Gift of the forest - This talent is underwhelming most flat HP talents are across the board since they dont yield enough bonus since people hit for 500-1k with left clicks so your mitigated less than 1 attack for a talent point which feels bad (And there no HP% healing now so having higher HP isnt worth a darn. Suggesion: Increase regen rate to 75-100hp per tick (Will need to increase the cap of that stat which is stupidly low) archers tend to be more about sustaining and outlasting the opponent with hit and run instead of stright up brawl so the regen suites the class feel defensively compared to dmg reduction skills.

Tree Sap Blood - Same issue as Gift of the forest my suggestion would be to give it -1 second to hp regen rate so your HP regen triggers 33% faster wil piggy back well off gift of the forest if your heavily invest in the bottom part of the tree

Other than that i think everything else in the general tree is useful


Trick shot/double shot: need a little bit longer duration maybe 2-3 second this is just to allow you to weave a skill in-between auto attacks without loosing the buff it often deferential to use an ability than just left clicking which feels a little bad.

Ricochet shot: Skill does what it should the only issue i have with it would be nice to have some kinda indication when the target will be immune to the root affect on the ricochet shot they can only be rooted once every 24 second which is good but i would like to know by looking at them to know if the skill gona root the target or im wasting an attack, simple suggestion; Add some kind of animation above the target head visable by the ranger much like Mark of death which goes away when there vunerable to the root again. Atm it can feel random when u think a target gonna be rooted but they not due to timer (Debuff icon canm be super hard to see in a fight aswell)

Sure Aim: Needs a bonus to Fire and Ice dmg+Cap if you dont put the cap on the talent atleast put a 10% flat bonus on all elemental quivers so there not being gimped taking elemental quivers.

Errrr here you successful made a mail wearing Defence class squishier than both the leather dmg options in regards to survivability which i find rather hilarious.

Due to there stupidly low dmg output from every attack wardens have compared to archers/brigs there lifesteal which is intern there survivability is much lower than the other 2 classes if you have a brig and warden swapping attacks in anyway just basics or all out skills the brig will have 80%-90% hp left when wardens die due to they cant sustain themself due to there incredably low damage archers are about the same and this is standing still so no kitting involved.

The problems here is traps direct dmg is stupidly low so trapmaster doesnt realy benefit the dmg output of the warden a whole deal due to dmg being loaded in the dots which dont stack or anything so you only realy need to hit 1 trap every 15 seconds or so any extra trap is like 120 dmg which is nothing when there left click do half the dmg of a brig. and with the nerf how often traps could be deployed it gotta hit even harder dmg wise.

Suggestion : Trap master talent now unlocks all trap minors this will help free up minor slots so warden can now take other minors and allowing them to build more dmg/defence/support to make up for there stupidly low dmg they currently have. Atm there only use is basicly a blackmantle on 5  targets every 3 seconds.


There in a pretty good spot they do need one change imo, they need a gap closer in there kit sothere not forced to take dark domain to aquire one. Naturally give brigand forest step ability with either Ambush or From the shadow talents. This will open up more paths and they wont be a sitting duck to any range dmg that advoids there initial burst (Which they will all live)

Quivers (All quiver affects only trigger when 1st and 2nd attack it charged over 50%)
Piercing quivers: there in a decent spot bleeds should stack however with other players bleeds, good dmg option with added affect of tracking target location with the dot

Crushing quivers: are in a great spot, good utility option

Slashing quivers: There awkward having execute only on the 3rd attack is kinda bad anbd feel clunky/situation you wil get more dmg piercing quivers making slashing very very situational. Suggestion: Do away with the execute on slashing quiver and just give the 3rd attack 100% critical hit chance if you charged the previous 2 attacks to atleast 50% this also opens up a different stat path and stack crit dmg intbuilds instead of dex for crit chance/AP, Good crit dmg build options

Fire quiver: Weaker version of piercing since you dont get 10% dmg bonus atm and dot is about the same, my suggestion give fire quiver burn an AOE affect in some way i have 2 choices here Choice 1: trigger aoe burn about the size of spirit whip on all targets around the one hit or 2nd choice: Fire quiver debuff target with a bomb affect where it detonated 3-5m around them after 5 seconds doing 50% of the archer left click dmg to all targets around the one it exploded on (Doesnt hit the target it exploded on only those around him) This puts fire quivers as an AoE option

Ice quivers: Feel like a weaker piercing quiver due to same as fire so lets give it added slow affect so you (root is overtop that it had before) however targets affected by ice quiver slow cant dodge while it on them. 

You butchered all stake builds with this patch i suggest removing cast time or greatly reduce it to 0.5 or 1 second at max. They can already be countered to a degree by leaving the circle much like how you fight a templar however you can also CC them if u see them casting it so there still extra counter play.

Thanks for reading i think these are the only suggestion i can make on ranger classes at this time and i hope you read though them :) thanks for your time


Veeshan Midst of UXA

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11 hours ago, nihilsupernum said:

I found a counterexample:

Faewood Chip Cookies:
 - Combat movement speed +5%
 - Health -150


That's balanced the other way. 5% combat movement speed is almost certainly worth 1.5% health.

I think the common thread here is that the developers are overrating the value of raw HP or I am underrating it.

I get that it does scale with mitigation, so 150hp actually counts for more depending on how much armour you have, but it still seems bad compared to the other stats. 5% combat movement speed could easily be the difference between catching up with your target and delivering much more than 150hp worth of damage, or getting away and preventing much more than 150hp worth of damage.

15 stamina could easily be the difference between getting stunned for a full 3s and taking thousands of damage vs being able to retaliate and taking almost none.

And continuing on with trivial food complaints..

The drink menu in this place kinda sucks.. :)

If this is an accurate list:

.. then there are 41 different food and drink buffs, of which only 8 are drinks:

  1. Bon Tippers
  2. Red Wine
  3. Chocolate Milk
  4. Spiced Chocolate Milk
  5. Pasteurized Milk
  6. Coffee
  7. Carrot Juice
  8. Apple Juice

Of these only Apple Juice can be reliably harvested and made while running around in the world. That's a bit limited compared to food, don't you think? If I've just died and want some food, I can quickly do some basic gathering, make a campfire and have my choice of harvesting or utility food buffs with fairly minimal effort.

If I want anything other than apple juice to drink though, I'm going to need to get lucky with mob drops for the materials or visit a bank or temple to buy the ingredients. Wine & Bon Tippers are out of the question, as they require lots of specific ingredients. Carrot juice, coffee, and the milks all require drops that are not common in the world and not reliable. Some specific wartribe might drop them, or you might be able to find them in a village cabinet, but you can't just put your axe to the nearest 3 trees and have some like you can for apples (or knife to the nearest animal for meat).

So that leaves apple juice. It's okay .. I guess .. for harvesting. It'd be nice to have other drink options though - like maybe some ginseng and pine nut tea.

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myrmidon changes you did a couple of weeks ago (longer berserker duration) is a balance breaking and does not needed.

I will try to explain why.

whole archetype of myrmidon was already nice in 1v1 and very small scale while in a large battles (especially with problems like performance, HP desync, amount of aoe CC and bugs) it makes this class worst.


you should fix:

1) decrease power in small scale

2) increase survivability in large battes


how? well. good question. with remaking some abilities or change some bonuses. to decrease power in smalle scale you can decrease berserker duration for all promos. to fix survivability in large battles you can give more utils to prevent crash dmg. to to decrease 1v1 OP titan/conq you can deacrease dmg.

example of nice ability: increase dmg from amount of ppl around. not from LMB clicking.


crowfall pvp makkonMyrmidon statement: rangefall

Discord makkon#8550

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@jtoddcoleman @Tyrant

As it's the first long campaign since the 6.2, we got some new comers and it's really a hard corner to understand how the cards give reward.

KDS : 11 pts : 5 wealth + 6 keeper
Winterblades : 11 pts : 5 wealth + 6 keeper
Nordic Marauders : 9 pts : 5 wealth + 4 keeper
Hax : 4 pts : 1 wealth + 3 keeper OR 1 wealth + 3 keeper
Dissentient : 3 pts: 3 wealth
Communauté arbre clair: 3 pts: 3 wealth
Earth: 3 pts : 3 wealth

the way to explain this is with some hidden cap

For power it would be :
> 5000 : 5pts

1000 -> 5000 : 4 pts
500 -> 100 : 3 pts

The reaction was : "But it's not a direct fight against the others ?" In fact those members havent sleep much to beat the guild just on top of us by takking outpost.

Please make the system more understandable.

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I will once again ask that tray swapping on rangers be looked at. It is just so clunky that starting ranged planning to switch to melee later is a serious problem. And switching back and forth is just not feasible.

It might be that the window is a tad too late. It feels as if I have to take an extra second after my ranged attacks land before the game acknowldges my attempt to switch. It sounds insignificant but when I jump on the fray (or forward an enemy on small scale) after my ranged attack lands and dont switch that 1 sec becomes 3 and I will be taking damage AND missing the chance to land a CC.

Almost every big fight (where I dont have much time to think and just do my tray switching like a 80 yrs grandpa) I often find myself face to face with an enemy after a roll forward and misfiring a 'rapid arrow' attacks instead of my silence. It isnt even a full hold attack because in my mind I am at the second step on my melee combo and my finger is already pressing the button again.

It is pretty annoying to just find yourself screwed because the game is too slow to react.

And trust me I dont have any badass coordination with 2k rpm or whatever. I just want to be able to switch at a reasonable speed.

And it isnt like rangers are thaaat dangerous on dual trays. Archer is the only one who can put some serious threat on ranged. And if a dual tray class needs to have a clunky tray swapping to avoid problems yall have clearly messed up.

At least have swapping trays have priority. Werent we supposed to have queuing system? It sure as hell doesnt feel as if the game tries to switch me when he can if I press the button. It clearly seems to ignore my attempts to switch. If yall decide to cancel my previous attack if I press the switch too soon so be it. I can deal with that. It is infinitely better than me eating a few attacks and god forbid a CC because I didnt wait that random sec to switch.

At least allows us to switch while rolling with some reliability. That is baffling to me, I clearly am not attacking, whatever window locking me on ranged is gone, so why the heck do i stand up trying to knife the guy with an arrow more often than not?


Edited by BarriaKarl
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I would really appreciate if we had a way to keep some bandagens ready after death. Not because I dont want to lose them but because it is a royal pain in the butt to have to restock after every death. I more often than not just realize I have no bandages when I need to use them.

So I'd lik to propose we only drop a few bandagens upon death. Maybe creating an slot for them so it doesnt violate the inventoy drop rule?

Honestly, most people would get more bandagens out of my cairn if this was made possible. Restocking very login or every five-ten deaths is way more convenient.

And yes, I die a lot. So this would be a huge QOL to me.

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Can we get a special runegate in Gods Reach, The Infected, and the Eternal Kingdoms that'll take you between each and allow a one-way entry into Campaigns? In fact, the Campaign gate could be 2-way as long as there's a warning message that you're unlocking from the campaign and your items will go into the World Bank. It's really annoying waiting 20s to log out, waiting on the loading screen, picking the world I want to go to, then waiting for another loading screen before I'm in the world I want to be.

It'd also be nice if we could claim Backer Rewards/Purchases and export items in World Banks from the bank kiosks in addition to the Lobby.


You Can't Be A Genius, If You Aren't The Slightest Bit Insane.

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20 hours ago, coolster50 said:

Can we get a special runegate in Gods Reach, The Infected, and the Eternal Kingdoms that'll take you between each and allow a one-way entry into Campaigns? In fact, the Campaign gate could be 2-way as long as there's a warning message that you're unlocking from the campaign and your items will go into the World Bank. It's really annoying waiting 20s to log out, waiting on the loading screen, picking the world I want to go to, then waiting for another loading screen before I'm in the world I want to be.

It'd also be nice if we could claim Backer Rewards/Purchases and export items in World Banks from the bank kiosks in addition to the Lobby.

I would love to see the EK's tied into a campaign.  They could be used as the base ops instead of the temple zone.

Edited by MrErad
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  • The block damage bonus should probably give us a buff icon, so we know that it's activated
  • Sunburn talent description should be changed to reflect damage, not pbaoe
  • It would be nice if Dwarven Stoneskin had a visual change to the body, so healers don't dump their huge heals on someone who has the ability up (and, frankly 50% heal reduction feels excessive - maybe 50% damage reduction 25% heal reduction)
  • Strength in numbers should function more like Molon Labe (from Stalwart), where the healing would be calculated via a fixed calculation, rather than amount of damage taken. So long as it remains % that gets through block, someone who is blocking is fighting having a better block or a slightly bigger heal)
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This is the worst dregs map we've had so far.

It's too small.

There's not enough mob camps.  Seems like half the mob camps are level 22-25.

The resource nodes are rank 5 in some zones.  But mostly rank 6 or 7 and they didn't rank up when it flipped summer.

The keeps go live alone.  So 1 zerg could easily take 6 of the keeps.

If you do take a keep it's right beside a temple portal so what advantage is owning territory.


Zerg breaking technology.

Every alliance has the ability to set a 1 hour defence window. 

Once an alliance takes a keep or fort, the next day they must defend all their territory at the same time during their defence window!

If a clan is added or dropped from the alliance than immediately the forts and keeps go live.  A seed is required to take the keep.

Why will this help?

Alliances will want to keep their territory closer together because they are defending them all at the same time, which creates natural war fronts.

Smaller alliances might actually be able to own a keep and win some sieges.

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Please remove the diminishing returns on sac items. If an item is worth 15 exp, let it be worth 15 exp at level 1, at level 30, on a white vessel, and on a legendary vessel.


You Can't Be A Genius, If You Aren't The Slightest Bit Insane.

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I've grinded for weeks now @ Rex Mundi trying to get a hunter minor discipline rune for green vessel.  Please, please, please increase the number of mobs that drop discipline runes. I want to focus on fighting other players & not grinding ;(. At least w Sb you knew when a certain mob spawned it would have specified rune.  

As far as I know this is the only specific spawn area in the game that drops minor runes. And the named mobs spawn randomly. I've collected hundreds of minor discipline runes here but have yet to see Minor Hunter rune drop yet.  I was switching toon's... I'd log back to a toon that I left in that area when night time arrived & farmed the named thralls. It's at the point that I've given up trying to farm a green Hunter rune over frustration. Until there is player economy in place I'm not even going try to upgrade vessels. Then hopefully I'll be able to buy from other players. The drop rate is crazy. Not to mention, that I'm not even the only person farming runes. I've heard it even get's crazier when you upgrade to blue vessel etc. needing more then 1 minor rune then combining them etc.

Anyway's, thanks for your attention & time. Please, value ours & decrease the grind. I understand, you don't wanna make things too easy but make it reasonable. 


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Increasing PvP frequency and Overall World-Liveliness.

This subject is often discussed in the Crowfall Community discord and among my guild members.  Many ideas have been put forth by members of the community that have differing interests in the scale of pvp, but the overall consensus is the same: people want more pvp.  Some solutions have been proposed, such as battlegrounds, or other new tech implementations, but I think that many of our issues can be alleviated with some adjustment of existing game "knobs" and maintain the sandbox game feel.

Some context on my perspectives of the game:
-I play all the scales of pvp in the game.

-I do harvesting and crafting in addition to PVP.

-I help run one of the larger active guilds in the game (DIS).  I have also been in one of the smaller guilds in the game.

-I have been playing since 5.8

-When I say "active community" or "the community," know that I am, indeed, assuming the role of spokesperson for the community despite not being directly elected for such a purpose.  I cannot cover all interests but my hubris permits me to make a decent attempt.


I'll break this post up into three sections:
I.  Common PVP-Availability Problems

II.  Anecdotal Metrics for Fun in Crowfall from Someone Who Plays Your Game Frequently
III.  Some solutions using existing tuning Knobs

IV.  Explanations of Solutions/Changes

I.  Common PvP-Availability issues from the active community:
1) Too much standing around waiting for action to happen at Forts.  [This is a "Large-Scale" fight availability issue]
This is caused by several factors:
-Low Population Density: It is beta, and population is low, etc.  Times with higher population saw more population saw more fort fights.  Even still, great fort fights happen daily, but they could happen much more frequently than now.
-Lack of Urgency: Fort windows are an hour long but only contested in the last 15 minutes.  Even with greater population, there is little need to enter the field and contest a fort before the end of the window.  In fights involving more than 2 hostile groups, it is often disadvantageous to be the party ON the fort when the fireballs start to fly, lest you become a cinder sandwich.

-Fort Values: Dust and Gold forts are extremely valuable because of how disproportionately powerful they are compared to other forts.  This incentivizes centralizing all of a guild's power at the most valuable fort, because it far outweighs the value of other forts.  This leads to lower-activity in fort hours when other guilds do not have the numbers to contest your forces at that singular location.  This is a compound-effect with Low Population Density. 

-The Vulnerability Window Itself: Because each fort is only open once daily, it is a viable strategy for larger guilds to plop down their entire force to secure something valuable for 24 hours, instead of actively playing a territory control game where a larger force must spread itself thin if it wants to control more territory (forts) and obtain the resource income necessary to sustain a larger force.

EXAMPLE: I can (in theory and some practice) deprive every other NA guild of the Gold Fort in campaign by calling my banners and sitting on it every day with 10+ more people than the next biggest force.  There are no other gold forts available on NA siege times.  While I think "zerging" is a valid strategy in some circumstances, it must come with consequence. Currently, there is no counter play because we aren't losing out on another Gold fort elsewhere during this window.  This means that by just standing on a single point with a lot of people for maybe fifteen minutes, my guild has perhaps the highest passive gold income per person in the game, despite having more players to dilute the effect.  Uncle Bob?  More like Uncle Blob!  This compounds with the Value of Forts bullet point above.


2) Too few people in the world outside of siege windows [This affects mainly smaller scale fight availability]
This is caused by a few factors in addition to low population density (anti-synergies):

-Resource Availability: The need to be out in the world harvesting materials has been greatly diminished by the resource income from Pack Pigs and Forts.  Many harvester-mains have voiced their complaints about this already - their purpose in playing having been erased because pigs and forts are often better sources of income.  Likewise, people that like to gank have fewer targets available to, well, gank, when pigs are not available.  And that means people rarely need to run harvester protection to counter pvp raids on a harvester or harvesting team.  This compounds greatly with Low Population Density, since higher population can drive a resource scarcity in the forts and pigs segment.  However, those game elements do not facilitate small-scale play as well as the solo-or-small-group harvesting aspect of the game, which is an important sandbox game layer.

-Gear Durability: Currently crafted gear has a steep cost to create, but also very high durability once created.  This leads to player habits of grinding out a lot of harvesting/farming in a short window of time, obtaining the crafted gear, and not needing to harvest again until the gear is close to breaking.  This means players only need to be highly-active in game for maybe a couple days and then they can log in and - get ready for it - only do forts or sieges (3-4 big fights per day) and log off afterwards because that's 3 hours of play each day right there.  But that gear set is going to last 2 campaigns (if imports allow).  Over the last two wipes in beta, I have not yet broken a crafted combat gear set, despite playing about 5-7 of 7 days per week.  Back in the 5.8 - 5.100 era my gear did not last as long, but that is because I was getting many more fights per day with forts open all the time.

-Outposts:  I look at outposts as game elements that are in place to facilitate a territory control game via small-scale combat. There has been some good action at outposts when the Divine Favor cards revolved around outposts.  But that still only encompasses the segment of the player base that can use those DF cards in their favor to secure a top 3 spot.   In the first 6.2 campaign, that was about 5 guilds vying for the God Outpost card, but what about everyone else?  I like the change that made guards drop items - it is a nice addition to increase the willingness to kill guards at an outpost and show up on the Events log.  However, many people in the community want outposts to mean more in order to make pvp over outposts a more important and therefore regular occurrence.  This means that outposts will need to serve more purpose than providing some items and conquest points.

3) PvP Rranks

Just kidding.  That's an entirely different discussion.


II. Anecdotal Metrics for Fun in Crowfall from Someone Who Plays Your Game Frequently

Anecdotal things that make the game feel fun and/or "alive":

1) Minimum Population Density of 20 active players per zone.  OR, perhaps a better metric, 3 hostile "clumps" per zone.  Clump being defined as 5 or more players playing together as a unit.  "Active" defined as actively running around doing something in the zone (not sitting in a stronghold).  Reasoning:  3 "clumps" loosely covers many of the main group-economic hotspots in each zone: wartribes, motherlode mountains, ore canyons, forts, named forests.

The current zone design of 2 Keeps per zone is a decent way to facilitate this, however, the keeps are on differing timezones (EU/NA).  This leads to infrequent interactions between zone-neighbors during prime active hours for each time zone.

2) I forgot #2

III.  Some solutions using existing tuning "Knobs"

- Make forts vulnerable for shorter windows of time (20min).  Each fort vulnerable for 3 instances per prime siege window (so 3 windows per EU siege time, 3 per NA siege time), spawn loot in 10 minute intervals instead of hourly.  Reduce spawning quantity to 50% of when it is not vulnerable so holding a fort is rewarding but does not create a massive inequality gap in a single day.

- Greatly reduce quantity/quality of Crafting Materials on Forts (no blue+).  Perhaps a reduction to 30% of current.

- Get rid of gold and dust forts.  Add small gold and dust reward to all fort chests but 25% of what gold and dust fort chests generate now.  So, per-chest: 1250 gold/hr, 75 dust.  Double chest forts thus remain more valuable holdings for primary points of contention, and landless guilds gain useful resources from any fort holding.

- Reduce quantity/quality (no blue+) of crafting materials on Pack Pigs.  Make caravansary buff at T2 increase pig speed to 90% of player movespeed, T3 to 110% player movespeed.  This will facilitate base-builder teams' pig-running QOL issues in lieu of making pig pathing better.  This pig speed QOL change offsets the reduction in crafting materials from pigs, by reducing the NOT-FUN time spent wrangling pigs with poor pathing.  An important thing to note: those who run pigs are often the players doing most of the harvesting for a guild.  Free up their time to harvest materials in the field by making pig runs less frustrating (faster pigs).  Overall pig-run speed will still be gated by unmounted player movespeed.
- Reduce material cost of crafting items by (35%), Reduce Partial-Reroll dust costs by (30%), reduce durability of crafted items (35%), increase durability decay rate in combat on items by (10%).

-Remove Mobile Banking (the Storehouse T2/T3 keep buff) from the game.  There are zonal banks, keep banks, and temple banks.  Mobile banking just removes too much risk from the equation at the current time. But I do not think it belongs here - it obviates too much of the risk of transporting around valuable items.   I will take advantage of this buff as long as it is in the game because it is too strong to not use it if you want to win.  Refinery run? Planting a keep seed?  Looting a fort solo?  Just pop open the mobile bank and freely transport your goods without risk.  I'd be OK with it just being a physical stepping stool that can be summoned, as it can currently be used, to get to... places.

-> Extras - Likely requires more "design" work:
- Keep 1-2 "forts" or "outposts" (or other lootable-chest POI) open all the time that spawns: [green crafting mat-erials (15 stack), gold (300g), dust (30)], every 15 minutes and doesn't accumulate.  This POI would have four guards that can see stealth within a short radius (10m), but are generally capable of being killed by a solo player, and these guard deaths would show up in the Event Log.

-Enable outposts to provide a parcel-wide harvesting buff (5% critical harvest chance) AND enemy-nearby notifications (enemies within 100m radius of the outpost are reported in the combat log as "X enemies have been spotted near Q21" outpost)

-Open up all three passive trees to players simultaneously.  Stop forcing players to pick 2 of the 3 passive training paths.  The time required to do just crafting or just harvesting is already a bottleneck - I challenge anyone at ACE to actively try to gear up a guild in a live-competitive-environment and argue otherwise.  Most of the players in this game are going to be training combat because they came for the pvp.  People are largely unable to participate meaningfully in either crafting or harvesting despite their desire to help their team, because they can only choose two of the three paths.  People still have to specialize within each tree.  And specialize their gear to progress their chosen paths.  Why do we need an entire utility path to be blocked unless we buy alternate accounts?  A guild with full crafting redundancy (2 players of each crafting path) currently requires 16 "players".  It increases to 18 if Stonemasonry becomes an important path.  Do you expect crafters to not take vacations or have life issues? etc.  You still need Miners, Quarriers, Grave Diggers, Loggers, Skinners, and Plant People, and a combat force.  You have created a logistical nightmare because of this limitation because most single-account users can barely participate meaningfully in one of the two main progression paths, unless they forego combat specialization entirely.


IV.  Explanation of Changes/Solutions

The changes proposed attempt to address the problems listed in Section I, using existing tuning "knobs" that we have seen used in the past.

Reducing the time windows for fort vulnerability, increasing the instances each fort is vulnerable, and increasing fort loot spawn frequency. This will allow for more frequent fights over forts in general, because there is something to be gained in almost every fort fight.  Hitting a fort in the beginning of a vulnerability window, and winning, will likely get your team some fort resource rewards, even if you do not hold it when the vulnerability window closes.  Shorter vulnerability windows also allow players to log in and participate in meaningful pvp with their friends/guild, even if they only have 30 minutes of time.  More people being able to just hop online and do meaningful pvp should result in more pvp fights, which should keep more people playing.

Removing Gold/Dust forts, adding small gold/dust yield to all forts should create a better environment for total territory control.  We need incentive for guilds to get greedy and stretch thin, and risk overextending themselves.  This allows smaller, potentially better-organized-or-skilled forces to take advantage of a larger force stretching thin, or perhaps take advantage of a larger guild that is unwilling to dilute its forces.  The bottom line is that we need more incentive for people to make risky plays, because that is where some of the best instances of PVP occur, particularly in a sandbox game.  Reducing the disparity in value between forts should also help in this matter, as different groups should be competing for as many forts as possible to create as many fights as possible.  When the value of individual forts is reduced, the sting of loss is reduced but the sweetness of victory remains (so long as you still hold onto something).

Reducing Pack Pig and Fort Crafting Resource Yields, opening up all 3 passive trees, reducing crafted item durability will push more people into the field doing harvesting activities as gear is being created and destroyed more frequently.  The cost of crafted items would just be reduced to match the durability decrease.  The durability decrease cannot be too severe - because there is a high time cost in the actual crafting of items due to the current crafting system.

Increased Outpost Benefits creates more reason for guilds to care about their nearby territories via the scouting advantage in their area (or a given area).  It also provides benefits to the harvesting side of the team with the small (but meaningful) buff.  This buff would work in tandem with pushing more people into the field harvesting, wanting this buff, and asking their team to keep ownership of the outpost.  Overall, the goal here is to create more frequent clashes over outposts besides the deliberate move of taking an outpost just to show up on the Events List to (maybe) find a fight, or occasionally to win in conquest points.

Special "forts/POI's" that are open 24/7 - This is purely to facilitate off-hours pvp when population is low.  The rewards I specified are not so grand that it is lucrative to stand on the chest and loot it every fifteen minutes (an economically minded person would be better off actually harvesting or farming wartribes or elementals), nor is the reward big enough to warrant a large guild camping the location just to lock down the loot.  However, the rewards are enough to draw a curious passerby or someone just looking for a fight at 4AM.  That's all rewards have to be to incite pvp - just enough.



Ok that's all I got at the moment.

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