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My thought's on Slayer on 6.2 (Needs changes)


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Ok so this post is about Slayer. Even though I had a good time in 6.2 Dregs I was a bit disappointed with the Slayer kit. Basically you took the old 6.1's kit and turned it into the only real choice for 6.2 minus a few things like pepperbox stun. My problem with this is all these other classes got to keep there base kits and not stripped to Majors and minors and they get to have all these unique builds to play with. Slayer is only a good Slayer if it takes everything it lost from 6.2 and repick them in Major's and minors. So I watched all of these Q and A video's and there like choice this choice that. Where is Slayer's choice. I mean tunnel that should just be a racial at this point. Looking at the Domain's we have:

  • Death
    Almost every thing there is melee focused or very short range. Grim Reaper is the only thing good but Duelist get that without a domain.
  • Shadow
    Almost all Major's here are piercing buff dmg, we do crushing. Master of Darkness is the only Major here. 
  • Music
    Why is this even a thing no slayer in there right mind takes this unless there a buffer but others do this better.

My Opinion would be to try and move some Domain's around for slayer to help bring the class back to life. Again its just sad that the best slayer to build is the old one you took away and locked behind Major's and minors. No excitement there.

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Lost 2nd dodge, ult costs more, lost stun, lost stealth powers, lost most if not all previous interesting disciplines choices either because they are split or not available, anti-stealth is fairly easy to come by, rapid fire doesn't speed boost, least number of useful or interesting powers. In return get bleeds in a wonky dot system shared by half of other classes. If they are completely ignored at their medium range they can do okay damage, but add nothing of group worth and others outperform them damage/sustain/utility wise. Confused what the goal was for the class overall or the promos in comparison to what they did with most others.



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