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[CON] Conspiracy - looking for 3 active players [EU]!


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Conspiracy currently consists of two life long friends in their thirties who's had a foot in pretty much every MMO out there and we would like to expand and invite three new players to join us in Crowfall.

We're aiming to put a tight group of 5 together that can progress throughout the game.
We're very active, playing between 5-15hrs per day with a little leeway for work and family in various periods.
Ideally we're looking for other EU players that are very active and want to play Crowfall on hard mode as a group of five. We are not scared to fight outnumbered, regardless of odds.
We would like to recruit at least one dedicated healer (Centaur Cleric) but we have no limitations of class/race that you play, activity and willingness to theory craft and try new things matters more.

If you're into EK designing we also have the full guild packs the keep, fort etc and all that which we would happily have someone set up for us.

If you're interested hit us up on our discord!

// Zarii

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