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Crafting/Harvesting/Combat Talent Trees in 6.3


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I think Todd hit the nail on the head today.  This system never made any sense to me.   You basically had 1 account with potentially several types of characters (combat/crafters/gatherers) but a large part of your progression could only go toward 1 or 2 aspects (combat/mining/jewelry making).  I, personally, am not sad to see it go though it hurts to think all the time we sat waiting for skills now are kapoot.   Fine, it's not like it happened after lunch.   However, I'm not sure I like what Blair is proposing either.  Making the skills item based seems kinda bad too.  You really are just exasperating race/class differences since there isn't really individual toon progression anymore.  

This is why all MMO's end up in the same place w/r/t to skill gain.  The more you do it the more you get better at it.  It should be grindy.  So what if you need to make 200 iron helmets to get to the next level.   I personally like the fact we had so much diversity in mining different types of ore/body parts/trees/leather or specific armor/combat skills.  Felt like your toon was very personalized or specialized.  Plus it made me think twice about deleting a toon I invested a lot of time leveling skills on.   

This goes for combat as well.  You want people Pvping.  Make sure you combat skill gain bonus fighting other factions/guilds (just make diminishing returns on killing the same player over and over so it's not abused).  if you used a 2handed sword, u gain 2H skill skill.  IF you wear plate and get hit, you gain plate mitigation skill.  Seems like really the best system to me.  Just make sure the best gains are made when fighting other players.  

Just make skill progression like 99.9% other MMOs.  Grindy and linear.

Just my 2 cents,




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