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Vinim Sanguis -- Join today!


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Hey fellow crows,

We at Vinim Sanguis invite you to join us on our adventures in Crowfall.  We four original members started the guild as a way to get into the game so we could work together in a way that suited our different play styles.  We started up and immediately saw that wall that is GvG competition as our guild could not join in effectively on Forts and the like.  We came to the conclusion, we need YOU to join us.  We are a pretty chill group with different interests and open minds.   All of us are interested in the PvP element of the game, but we have all chosen a PvE element of the game to focus in on so we have a crafting/gathering support.  Ideally we get to be large enough that all of our players can play the elements of the game that interest them the most and have a support system.  We aren't here to rule your lives or tell you how to play.

Hit us up here or on discord.

Leader: Prodigy Magic, ProdigyMagic#0007

Skiblit, Skiblit #8774

Thimble: ThimbleBlack#9316

Or myself, ZigKitsune, zigkitsune#6398

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  • ZigKitsune changed the title to Vinim Sanguis -- Join today!

you guys really need to join an Alliance to jumpstart your Crowfall experience and to be able to compete for Forts and stuff.

Tyrant: you were too tough, they gave up. (10/15/2020)

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