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Crowfall Memes - Let Us Begin...

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Remember when memes weren't just pictures with text?

I gotta be honest, the only meme we got that isn't poorly made socks image macros is Uncle Bob. But what a glorious meme it is.

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Hardcore gamer & tabletop enthusiast. Enjoys roleplaying, pretending to be stupid, and one-sided fun.

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I wonder how quickly Uncle Bob will be taken as a name.

40 minutes ago, Andius said:

W/HoA were held up as like these mystical forces of highly skilled players with legendary theorycrafters chained to a desk in some deep dungeon holding all the arcane secrets we could use to win if only we knew them.


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I'm a little disappointed with how the Eternal Kingdom is shaping up...




LOL, this is my fav one. It does seem awkward lol, im chopping wood still furiously looking around like i could get ganked at any min but instead i just got nibs standing next to me stealing my wood.

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