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Hey All, Name's Beetle


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Hey everyone, been creeping on here for a while.  Glad to see so many familiar faces!


Excited for this game and looking forward to hearing more.  I may possibly be looking for a home if our community does not play this game.


A little about me, I work in the game industry currently as a producer.  I have a love for MMOs and the communities that surround them.  I love drawing and playing board games (Arcadia Quest is my current favorite)


Drop me a line on twitter @beetlebossy and say hi too!

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Welcome to the forums!


We've got some people into board games in Pax, we were running a Sunday gaming night through tabletop simulator, I need to get Cyneric back on board[heh] to get that started up again! :)


Cool!  Haven't used any of the simulators myself.



Welcome to the forums!  Nice to meet you :D


Thank you!  you too!

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