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[NA/EU] Valeria Recruiting All Professions/Classes!

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Accepting all new/veteran players!!!

 About Us

Valeria [VAL] is a multi-gaming global community that originally formed three years ago through Conqueror’s Blade. Focused in games that prioritize PvP and territory control, we are known for our abilities to compete with “Zerg” guilds regardless of the advantage our enemies may possess. In Crowfall, we expect this to be no different.
Consisting of First Responder, Active/Retired Military, as well as workers in healthcare we live the motto, “In real life first”. All the while, maintaining a community of which is competitive and at the top of the leaderboards, while maintaining a fun atmosphere for our members.


What we Offer

·        Active + Quality community

·        Organized Discord

·        Weekly drills/scrimmages

·        Prioritize community input + Ideas

·        Experienced Guild Leaders

·        Months of Beta + Alpha experience


Goals / Vision

Here at Valeria we plan to compete in future campaigns, earning the rewards our community would like the most. Crowfall is unique in the sense that you get to choose how you compete. With various reward, based on completion of certain objectives, our goals will change from campaign to campaign. However, in the end, we aim to always be on the top of the leaderboards while maintain a fun atmosphere for our members.


If you have any questions feel free to add me on discord (Luvmuffins#0565) or join our Guilded(https://www.guilded.gg/i/VEvMwR4p) to see what we are all about. See you on the battlefield Crows!


Website (Work in progress): https://www.valeriagaming.com/





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 Yes sir we are completely open to that! You need all roles to be successful in Crowfall, you would play a large role in our success! Come check us out and see if we are a fit for you!


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Come on in and join the fun! Super laid back community pushing hard for content. As we grow (this means you!) We will be able to reach higher tiers of play and become even more competitive. As it stands in the current campaign were rank 9 and were gonna keep pushing! Come on by and join the fun! Please join our discord and @commander for assistance.


Hope to hear from you soon,


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   Cheers! Just poking in since the new systems were introduced and want to see what the Campaigns look like but know it's better to work towards helping a group rather then just wing it solo. Was wondering if you'd welcome someone for gathering that's entirely unable to make peak PvP windows due to an 8pm NY work start time. 

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  • Luvmuffins changed the title to [NA/EU] Valeria Recruiting All Professions/Classes!

After spending hours looking for a guild, I had stopped due to being overwhelmed. Luvmuffins talked to me and invited me into their guild's discord. After hearing the route he wanted to take Valeria and its members that alone helped me make my choice.  If you are a new player or a veteran this guild makes you feel at home. I strongly recommend checking out the Valeria guild, you will make friends and fantastic teammates!

For any questions feel free to contact me in game: Bifftality is the name, providing the Biff is my game!

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