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Game Client Doesn't Open


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I didn't see any kind of a troubleshooting sub-forum, so honestly had no other clue where to post this.

So I just got a beta invite, downloaded the game, went to run it, and when I first did the game client froze on a black screen for a few seconds before a pop-up window showed up telling me I needed the latest version of something called "NET.Framewatch" and then asked if I would like to get the latest version. So I click yes, nothing happens. No download of this "NET.Framewatch" thing starts, no links to a site to download it from pop up, nada. So I decide to wait a few minutes, in case it's doing some kind of invisible update I can't quite see, and then try running the Crowfall Launcher again. Now every time I hit the play button, absolutely NOTHING happens. The game client never opens at all.

Anyone know how to fix this issue? I really don't wanna miss out on my chance to try this game, since I'm not a backer so I only have 30 days.

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