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Questions about how Decapathon 4 works

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The rules of the 4th Decapathon are a bit unclear to me. https://crowfall.com/en-US/decapathon

Having participated in the first 3 Decapathons I have some assumptions about how they work, but those assumptions may not hold true if the rules are significantly different for this new Decapathon.

In previous Decapathons, the scoreboard kept a running tally of skulls sacrificed by the three factions. The scoreboard for this new Decapathon looks the same.


Does this scoreboard track skulls sacrificed, as in the past, or "Glory" earned in the campaign through multiple different Divine Favor cards throughout the campaign?

Is sacrificing skulls just a small portion of what will determine the winner of this because there will be one card during one season that allows sacrifice of skulls to Maeve?

Is this ultimately a Faction competition, rather than a guild competition? If two enemy guilds have Patron gods in the same Pantheon, are they essentially cooperating in the Decapathon to determine the skull that will be rewarded?

Will we see the combined Divine Favor Glory score of all guilds with Patrons in the Sun faction on the Decapathon scoreboard?

There is some wording that gives the impression that a "winning guild" is relevant, but I get the impression this competition is about a winning faction.



There are 3 Skulls vying to earn a spot on your belt based on your Guild’s ability to wield The Executioner’s Axe --- Each Skull is blessed by one faction of the God’s! 

Winning Guild is the team who earns the Highest GLORY score during the Campaign


Should that refer to a winning Faction instead of a winning Guild? If the skull is determined by the winning guild, how will the scoreboard screenshotted above reflect that?


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