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The inevitable Sig thread

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Here you go proto

Reported for over sized signature. Two week long ban should be sufficient.

I'm computer illiterate   I am only a forum operating monkey.

I have to take the week off from free graphics for some freelance work, so If anybody wants to fill in for me, the remaining names are:

SirAres - he likes sword warriors and dragons and fire... trust me

CheckYoTrack - this guy, hes down for anything that the people who went to highschool after you (or right now, if you are in highschool) would call "dope"

sierrad - My guess, she wants something kinda dark and provacative... she wants to be a total BA and kill you, but she wants you to get all hot and bothered while she does


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As much as I hate to do this to proportions, and trust me I really do hate it, here is your shrunken sig... :angry:





You know, I once heard that smushy faced kittens in your sig made you win SB. Those are some pretty smushed faced kittens.


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Still waiting for the sig that makes my forumbane relevant.

You are so incredibly helpful, CYT. I don't know how I ever managed to do anything before we met. I was just bumbling my way through life, all lost-like. Thank you. My blessing cup runneth over.


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