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(OOC) Crowfall RP Community Hub | Project Crowdawn | Discord

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Hello all and welcome to Project Crowdawn, my and hopefully many others attempt to revive RP and bring it to Crowfall's amazing community. Now, what exactly is Project Crowdawn? Well it's a place for those looking for RP or looking to start their own RP related content, learn how to RP, along with meeting fellow members of the community to RP. 
So what does this offer feature wise? 

- Dungeon Master role, for those who wish to put on content and be signalled for it. For instance those who have this role will be able to advert in our event related tab called "RP-Event-Alert" which will be able to notify people of an event if and when it is going to happen. This allows for DM's and you the player to keep up to date with everything that's going on

- Looking for RP Chat, Which is essentially an easy way to find RP with people if you post in there what you want to do, or if there's anything going around. It's a key location for you to discover new and interesting RP. 

- Rumour Mill / RP Hooks | This is for you to advert RP related hooks towards your character, should it be a rumour that some shady witch lurks within a strangely enchanted woods? Or a development in ones personal life like getting a new house. This here is for you to create mini stories and in character adverts for RP Plot points that you could wish to explore. 

- Dungeon Master Request channel. Basically plop a DM request in there and give a brief description of what you want to RP / DM out in regards to your character and story. We are sure a Dungeon Master will pick up the request should they be able to. 

- RP-Help / Beginners Guide, two separate chats one which gives a description of RP and the terms one would need to properly roleplay. And another for people to ask help for RP related questions. Should they be confused about something it's there for you to utilize. 

- Lore-clarification chat, this is for people to discuss lore and get help reading up on said lore to better understand what story the game has going for it. Nothing too technical. Just something you can use for learning more. 

- Character Sheets, a place for you to describe your character and give a bit more flourished lore to your backstory so people can see and prehaps be inspired to make their own characters. It's just a place for us to learn a bit more about you and your creativity 

- Guild Master's advert chat, this is a place for guild masters to advert their guild so people can become more aware of it and hopefully join for some amazing comradery 

- RP Discussion, this is for people to talk about RP related subjects and meet fellow members of our community so you can make new friends and groups to RP in. 

If this has sparked your interest I highly suggest you join the server and check us out! We're a fresh server as of this posting and wish to help spark RP for this game again so we can all have fun and develop in this very unique setting which Crowfall has us in. Further more we are looking for Dungeon Masters, Community Helpers and Guild Masters to help out with stabilizing the RP community so we can all enjoy it. 

So, feeling like an epic adventure today traveller? Feel free to join our discord linked here and spread the word. Let's make this an epic tale

https://discord.gg/uf6vCURhPZ - Discord Link here, please enjoy and welcome! 

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