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Blackguard Assassin PvP Build Guide - GAMEPLAY + Talents


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Overview - 0:00
Race Choices - 1:54
Disciplines - 5:34
Talents - 11:48
Powers - 15:35
PvP Gameplay - 26:01

My Blackguard Assassin PvP guide. Assassins are pretty uncommon at the moment and Blackguards are even less common. However I think the spec is pretty fun if you want to play something with a very different playstyle than any other class.

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Really good guide.

I was already attracted to this premise and had been trying some things having just joined at the start of 6.400 so this has really helped me develop some of the mechanics necessary to get better at something I enjoy playing.

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On 6/30/2021 at 4:56 PM, Tod said:

Is this build still viable? Or has something changed in the last few months? 


This is still the same build I run today!

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