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Hi there, I backed the game with the 2017 Contributor Bundle way back when but am just following up on the game now. Is there any kind of beginner's guide or what not available? I have literally no idea what I'm doing.

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When you enter the game and create your first character, I definitely recommend following the New Player Experience quests. They are very easy and helpful. They will get you up to about 15-17 with the game basics. Once you hit Infected, there are more informational quests right in the tomb where you spawn, that are also helpful. I would also utilize several resources that provide a lot of information, such as crusaderw.com and https://murderinc.guildtag.com/wiki which are pretty up to date, considering how many changes have happened recently. I would check out some YT videos and also try the Crowfall Community Discord for additional assistance. Joining a guild is also extremely helpful. lastly, use the in-game General Chat because most people are very helpful in game. i hope this helps! I am sure some can provide even more, and more accurate, material. 


PS If you enter your Eternal Kingdom, it also has readable "quests" to tell you more about your EK. 

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