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Kickstarter Stretch Goal: Alpha / Beta Launch

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Launch dates are bad for software development. Things get rushed when they shouldn't be rushed. The vaguer the release dates, the better. 



The Otter King of Pax Maelstrom

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I hope they don't do this, announcing a launch for alpha/beta/release is almost always a horrible idea.


If you feel pressured to meet the deadline and release something that isn't ready, that's bad.

If you feel you need to push the deadline back then the community gets disgruntled at you, that's bad.


Only if by some miracle you were able to predict the exact day that everything would be perfect can it work, and that's not a good strategy.


Plus, if you knew that Alpha was starting on July 2nd, 2015 would that really change anything for you compared to now where you know it's coming out in Summer 2015? I don't think so.

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Summer 2015 is a 3 month window. That's plenty of notification IMO. I mean the game is still hinging on the kickstarter. Have realistic expectations, I.E. don't expect any sort of schedule update till after the kickstarter campaign.

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