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My ranger thoughts.


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I don't want to turn this into a complete complaining thread.  Also disclaiming im not a vet.   After trying every class on test it's come down to a ranger or a bow assasin. These classes are really similar.  

The best thing about being a ranger? =  Hybrid.  For me my style and what i like translates to a pre:casting Halbred mage in UO.  I like having different options and not being a one trick pony. 

Favorite abilities>? = Forrest Step, Sweep, - The mobility goes without saying.  This is a hard class to focus or kill in large fights. . 

Largest complaints? =  Ranger not being a full stealth class. Rangers to me are meant to be the MAIN scouts for war.  They track and find the enemy without being seen.  I do not feel it would be over powered for a ranger to stealth in all the paths chosen,  Half elf and harvesting making you shoot bows is really annnnnnnnnoying. 

Second complaint?= Range- Same issue turned me off from chain mail confessor was that the range nerf made the character not fun to play. You literally cant wand from a realistic range and this translates to the same thing for me in Brigand. The cut off range isnt realistic  .I know you can add range through gear options and such but it a big enough difference?

Overall i like the class but thinks it needs 1 more good polish,. 

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