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Earthkeeper Issues in 6.3


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1. Make the trays more distinct. Add some leaves the the healing tray and some skulls or something like that the the death tray. Or:
2. Better remove this trays crap and put it all in one 2x 10 action bars set. It´s a horrible gameplay mechanic to switch trays between single casts and it´s a group killer to let essence go to 70 and having to get rid of it while your group needs healing spikes.
3. This gets even worse when you have another healer with Illuminate in your group: You just don´t get rid of your essence while in death tray. So, back to 2: Remove trays or add something like shadow-healing, healing though dmg while in death tray.
4. Give the Earthcaller some serious dmg. There shouldn´t be a promotion that can´t do anything alone. 

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