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Just a quick question. I just signed up for Beta and bought my copy of the game. Wife wants to play too but isnt sure she wants to buy it yet. I have a referral code, but that doesnt let her in for free does it? She is still only being shown the option to buy the game. Is buying the game currently the only way to get access to the Beta, or can she just use the "sign up for closed beta" option or my code to get in for free somehow?


Let me know!

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Referral Code gives a discount to buy the game.

If someone signed for Closed Beta, a 30 day access code will be email to that account someday soon (invites are sending in waves, like BETA 12.1 through XX.X so on, so on)

Try see if you have buddy code in your account rewards after you bought game, that code can be used 5 times to different new accounts.


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