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Join the ACE QA Live Stream January 5 @ 11 AM CST / 6 PM CET

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Unfortunately I do not see ANY of what was said in that youtube video back in 'dreamer state'.  I see a game that focused on non-stop work/crafting.  Classes that are SOOO close to cookie-cutter that NOTHING even remotely interests me.  I'm still crossing my fingers and hoping but this game needs a major overhaul to reach "fun" status.


So my question is.  

1.  When are we going to go BACK to what was posted in the video above?  Remove REQUIRED eating, remove stat caps, mindless standing at nodes/capture points, 3 factions that really are just plain WORTHLESS, and give us a REASON To go out and kill mobs to FORCE hot-spots/fights/pvp?

Because honestly right now this game still feels like a JOB to even log in.  :(


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<QUESTION> Are there any plans to release a roadmap so that we know what is actually being worked on? Even if broad I think it would help add in some confidence of things to look forward to or t

Question - are we ever gonna see a proper territory system or you think what there is currently is good enough because i feel if u release without a proper territory system game wont last more than 6m

@ACE-Tiggs POST Q&A <Question> Please make sure that ACE management understands that almost all of their testers are now putting testing on hold until you can inform us if the inve

<QUESTION> Will you let us see your design document for territory control?  Is there a document?  Or is it done?

<QUESTION> Would you consider running a dregs campaign where all equipped gear drops? (Not including account items like belts and horses)

<QUESTION> Why did you change forts into Shadowbane style mines, instead of places for small guilds to live?


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<Question> Can you change the price of a seed to 1g, and the price of deeds and thralls to 1g for a campaign?  Can you put the timber, ingots, and boulders in outpost chests?  Move the crafted resources that would typically drop off the outposts in a day to forts!  

this is so every keep will be in play this next campaign, and can be built by small guilds!  

Make 8 go live on last day of season at the same time!

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10 hours ago, coolster50 said:

<QUESTION> Are there any plans before launch to make the game less dependent on going back and forth from the Lobby?

<QUESTION> What takeaways have you gotten from the Weekly Feedback and Campaign Feedback threads that you are planning to address in future milestones?

<QUESTION> Will 6.4 complete the NPE?

<QUESTION> What are you planning to do to Make Harvesting Great Again?

<QUESTION> Are there still plans to streamline the crafting process like it was teased with the Crafting Project UI before launch?

These are the best questions in the above list - short and sweet.

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Coming from many games and alot of sandboxish games (archeage) for one. 

(Question) End game - can we be likely to see dungeons or openworld dungeons at some point maybe even open world raids?

(Question) Arena 2v2/3v3/5v5 or 10v10 a rank system or leaderboard would be awesome im brining plenty of oldschool mmo players from various games but alot are worried that there is nothing for pvping or even wasting time for otherstuff since they dont craft or gather. so will there be a reward or ranked system in that can be bragging rights or skins of some sort.

(Question) Classes - is it possible to relook at some of the classes and make the skills useful i for one play Mino Titan and some of the skills feel pointless compared to just autoattacking when a bleed it up.

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<Question> Why do the devs constantly dance around all of the glaring problems, honest negative feedback, 95% accepted player recommendations and all around extreme lack of balance to find small nonsense fluff questions to answer rather than digging in deep and trying to save this game or give players an idea that you actually understand whats wrong with it?


Seriously, players need to know you actually understand, pointless platitudes have been uttered for far too long now and Devs seem to have high level design ideas in mind that have no actual basis in how this game is played.

Edited by Ranik

Shadowbane style advantage / disadvantage disciplines when? ~Yianni 1/21/21

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<QUESTION> Are there plans to add other activities to the maps to help them feel more alive--World Bosses, harder PVE content, Escort PVE Envoys to forts/strongholds/outposts?

<QUESTION> Are there any plans for dungeons that can be entered by players either through world map caverns or "portals" for players to fight over?

<QUESTION> Is there a roadmap or milestone report? Something that gives us some insight into the future development.

<QUESTION> Our group didn't know about vessels until recently. There is no real explanation of them or how to craft them. Perhaps we should start with a grey vessel and craft into a white one during the initial quest-line? Are there plans to better explain this aspect of the game?

Our small playgroup is really enjoying the game. Joining a guild made our experience significantly better. We really enjoy the classes and how they play, it certainly feels unique in regards to mechanics. Looking for more as the game progresses! Happy New Year!

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<QUESTION> Is mobile banking going to stay? Players hate it and would rather have something else in it's place like a buff that increases the NPC gold drop.

<QUESTION> Is the infected material farming being looked at? Part of the reason campaigns are dead outside of sieges is all the harvesting is getting done in infected.

<QUESTION> Can you flag imported gold to not allow seed purchase, imported ingots, boulders and wood to not work in campaign hippo's like to you do for sac items? Again this leads to guilds just importing materials to build keeps instead of running pig's and farming War tribes for gold which is again detrimental to non siege time player base.

<QUESTION> Will Brigand get a ULT that will allow them to restealth like the other 2 stealthers? Currently once a brigand leaves stealth they have no escape mechanism.

<QUESTION> Esoteric rune change being reversed or looked at? The new esoteric runes are a waste of time thus making Runic Weapons not worth the effort.

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J-Todd Coleman listen.  It's Lucas Keck.  That's an RL name.  I care, man.

Question:  can you email me or anything?  

When I worked at MCI as inbound email customer service, I was designated end-of-the-line.  That designation disallowed me to forward issues to any department.  I had to resolve them there and then.  And if that meant calling the customer (who needed help with an issue) I called them.  They were surprised when that would happen.  That I would actually call them.

J-Todd, please.  Do to me what I did for them.  You and I are much like J-Xt this way.  I'm bursting with next-level mmo pvp game theory.  Please, J-Todd, please.  I want ZERO money.  I just desire so deeply a muscled-up version of SB.  And I want us to outperform, game-theorywise, our peers (the other and future pvp mmos.)

Comon guys, get behind me!  Reply to this with a "Do it, do it!"


Edited by ACE-Tiggs
removed email - personal information
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<Question> Last livestream it was mentioned replacing the RNG aspect of the active progression system with something better. Can we get an update on that? Will there be a passive component to supplement the active progression (like Rested XP)?

<Question> Are there plans to have some form of account level long-term progression?


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1 hour ago, miraluna said:

<Question> Last livestream it was mentioned replacing the RNG aspect of the active progression system with something better. Can we get an update on that? Will there be a passive component to supplement the active progression (like Rested XP)?

Im guessing it be something like an XP bar where once u fill up the crafting XP bar you will get a discipline or craft x amount = a disapline or something along those lines, Atleast in regards to the RNG with crafting and harvesting

Veeshan Midst of UXA

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2 hours ago, MacDeath said:

<QUESTION> What are you folks doing to keep this game alive? Bug fixing and performance optimization alone won't cut it.

This is the only question I want to see them answer later today. If they dont even acknowledge they have a big problem in keeping players interested in this game then we all might as well quit. 

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I'm a raid leader from GW2 and I am wondering if Crowfall is eventually going to have a Squad UI? 
You have party leaders right now, up to groups of 5. It would be really great to see a UI that merges groups together into a UI that is manageable by the raid leader/commander. Having the ability to organise groups easier and see the entire squad instead of individual parties would make things better to keep track of. 
(IMAGE: Shows the squad UI from GW2, you can clearly see what classes are in each party of 5) 

Is respeccing going to be available for non-VIP? 

Are there plans to adjust enemy AOE colour? 

Thankyou :) 12212412.png

Edited by JakLeaf
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